Miranda’s Demons by Ian Miller

Miranda’s Demons by Ian Miller

Miranda’s Demons

In 2285, thirty-four exhausts are seen travelling at relativistic velocities to end on Miranda, the innermost moon of Uranus. On Earth, GenCorp wants to expand; on Mars, where it was not supposed to be, it does a deal with the alien battle fleet: give us Mars and we shall give you what you need, which is slave labour. Natasha Kotchetkova, the Commissioner for Defence is faced with an alien race that totally outclasses any Earth defence. War is coming, but even if Terran forces can win, how can they win the following peace? An epic with 18 major characters, four alien races, several romances, not all of which end well, treachery, a variation on “The Prisoner’s Dilemma”, and is set variously in 3 continents, the Earth-Moon L-4 space station, Mars, Iapetus, the asteroid belt and Miranda, and, thanks to relativity, a Roman Legatus returning from an alien planet to offer what help he could, and to meet his prophesied “only woman remaining in his life”, who was also the ugliest woman in the world.

About the author

Ian Miller is a semi-retired scientist who is married and lives in Lower Hutt, New Zealand. He took first class honours in chemistry, followed by a PhD from the University of Canterbury, and despite most of his working life being in the private sector his subsequent scientific work has led to about 100 peer-reviewed scientific papers, mainly on the structures of seaweed polysaccharides, energy from wastes and biomass, photochemistry, and theoretical science. He has also written about 35 other general scientific articles, and was on the Editorial Board of Botanica Marina between about 1998-2008. He has owned Carina Chemical Laboratories Ltd, a New Zealand private research company since 1986, and during this period he has embarked on setting up or helping new businesses based on chemistry, including the manufacture and uses of pyromellitates (a cursed venture) seaweed processing, the development of Nemidon gels (www.nemidon.co.nz) and fuels through hydrothermal processing. As result of a student bet, he completed one work of fiction, which quite rightly at first did not succeed, and when subsequently revised was unlucky, but now in later life he has returned to writing fiction. In semi-retirement he is now self-publishing ebooks, including scientific ones to present theoretical work that is otherwise not published, or futuristic science fiction. To buy or see more of Miranda’s Demons by Ian Miller click Amazon.com or for the UK, Amazon.co.uk https://www.facebook.com/ian.miller.73345



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