Messages From Henry by Rebecca Scarberry

Review for Messages From Henry

Messages From Henry by Rebecca Scarberry

Messages From Henry by Rebecca Scarberry

5 Stars

Heroes come in all sizes and shapes. In Messages from Henry a teen/young adult mystery by Rebecca Scarberry, the hero is Henry, the homing pigeon. Henry’s mistress is kidnapped and his devotion to her may be her only chance for freedom, ferrying notes back and forth from the elderly Evelyn to Tammy, her neighbor, the authorities always seem to be one step behind the crafty villains, but at least they know Evelyn is still alive. Why would someone kidnap Evelyn? Is there ransom involved? Will Evelyn’s son pay to get his mother back? How did Henry know to go to Tammy?
Simply delightful with a little quirkiness, a little mystery and characters that are warmly memorable as they personify small town caring and concern for one of their own. Henry is brilliant, definitely the star in his own quiet and determined way, flying through exhaustion to deliver his clues.

Short, fast-paced and elegantly simple, Rebecca Scarberry’s Messages From Henry is a light and entertaining read for all ages, all reading time schedules with just enough intrigue and twists to feel like a much longer read. Ms. Scarberry writes with a light touch, no angst-driven drama and puts the pleasure back in stealing away for a fast flight into another world. The perfect read for younger readers to learn the joy of books!

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5.0 out of 5 stars The Bird Is The Word!, July 20, 2012


Douglas R. Cobb (Fort Smith, AR USA) – See all my reviews

This review is from: Messages From Henry (Book 1) (Kindle Edition)

Indie authors deserve our respect, because they are at the vanguard of the direction literature is going in, and has been going in, for several years now: ebooks. This year, over half the books that adults buy and read are ebooks, and the number is growing. There are many very talented Indie authors writing novels, nonfiction, and poetry that rival the best books written by traditionally published bestselling authors. At the risk of leaving many of these authors out, a handful of them (besides myself) are Todor Flontae Regina Puckett, Vonda Norwood, Douglas Wickard, Scott Bury, Daniel Kemp, and…the author of the novella I’ll discuss in this review, Messages from Henry, the talented and inimitable Rebecca Scarberry. Besides being a great author, she’s a fantastic friend of authors, too. You can Tweet her at […]

What is Messages from Henry (Click the title to buy it from Amazon for a mere 99 cents) about? It’s about a normal person, the first person narrator Tammy, who is placed in an extraordinary situation that involves saving her older neighbor, Evelyn Bury, from a ruthless kidnapper.

The novella opens with Tammy and her cat, Cinnamon, enjoying a peaceful day on the porch of Tammy’s house. That changes when Henry shows up. Who is Henry? One of Evelyn’s favorite Rock Pigeons. Though Tammy knows Henry, and sees him fairly often, it’s somewhat odd that he has flown to her out of the blue. He has a note attached to one of his legs. Rock pigeons are fantastic homing pigeons. Tammy removes and reads the note, and reads the ominous words: “Help, kidnapper is going to kill me.”

Tammy notifies the police right away and tells them of Henry’s arrival with the note. Both she and Evelyn are widows, and Tammy has developed a friendship with and feels an obligation towards her neighbor. She hopes that Henry will bring future messages, and that they will help her and the police rescue Evelyn before the kidnapper makes good his threat to kill her.

Tammy gets a series of notes that lead her and Sheriff Kincaid closer and closer to discovering who the kidnapper is, and towards saving Evelyn. Who could want to kidnap and murder such a sweet elderly lady? Who would benefit the most? Maybe her grown-up son, Scott, who has suffered large gambling losses and who could use the ransom money? Who else would have a good reason, if not Scott?

Besides of its fast pace and twists and turns, I got a kick out of reading names I recognized that Rebecca uses in her novella, the names of some of the Twitterverse’s most recognizable authors. For instance, there’s the aforementioned Douglas Wickard, who, in Rebecca’s story, is a four-year-old blond-haired boy. Also, there’s Scott Bury, who is Evelyn’s gambling-addicted son in the novella, but a great author of mysteries and thrillers in real life.

Are Tammy’s efforts successful in rescuing Evelyn, through the help of Henry’s messages from her? Is Scott the kidnapper? I’ll never tell-you will have to read this superb novella yourselves to find out! I look forward to reading and reviewing more from Rebecca Scarberry in the coming years. She’s a terrific author and a wonderful lady!

“Henry is a carrier pigeon who was trained by Evelyn. One morning while sitting in her garden with her cat Cinnamon, Tammy (Evelyn’s neighbour) sees Henry, he has a note tied to his leg for Tammy to read. I won’t go into any more that happens in the story (You’ll have to read it to see). Just to say that I enjoyed this story. It was gripping and quite tense at times. I enjoyed the author’s writing style too.”
4 stars from Rose Hut, reader from UK

Messages From Henry can be purchased on Amazon  See all Rebecca’s books here

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