Meddling With Murder by Ellie Campbell

Meddling with Murder

Meddling with Murder

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Crouch End Confidential, the agency started by housewife, Cathy is failing badly. Hardly surprising when their only clients are old ladies seeking lost pets. Until the strange case of the missing dog…
Soon Cathy’s multiple problems include stolen bikes, a possible murder weapon, the sabotage of her friends’ new shop, drug-dealing yobbos and being forced to pose as the world’s most inept maths tutor.
Suddenly Cathy is endangering her marriage, friendships and her life to untangle these messes.
But that’s what you get for meddling with murder…

About the Author

Ellie CampbellEllie Campbell is a pseudonym for sister writing team, Pam Burks and Lorraine Campbell.   Running wild as tomboys in Scotland, playing imagination games, they couldn’t dream that one day they’d co-author novels despite an ocean between them. From boring clerical jobs in London to a varied life of backpacking and adventure travel, both started almost accidentally as short story writers, Lorraine when working in publishing, Pam as a fun hobby while an at-home mother of three.

By the time each had 70 short stories published internationally, Pam was settled in Surrey, England, and Lorraine had finally taken root in Boulder, Colorado. Long telephone chats about life and fiction led to their current collaboration.  They have produced six acclaimed novels – How To Survive Your Sisters, When Good Friends Go Bad, Looking For La La, To Catch A Creeper, Million Dollar Question and Meddling With Murder.  They write contemporary women’s fiction laced with humour, romance, and mystery.

When not hunched over computers, Lorraine, a certified ROTH ‘horse whisperer’, can usually be found messing about with her four rescue horses and Pam on a fund raising bike ride, madly cycling over mountains to Paris, Barcelona or Gibraltar on the back of her husband’s bone-shaking tandem.

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Cathy’s adventurous life continues where it stops. She is co-owner of an agency. While Pimple her business partner is on a trip in the USA Cathy is dealing with lost pets and cats on trees rescue. There are rumors that some drugs dealers hung around the school where her children go. Rosa, her best friend, calls her and gives her assignment, but all that call is wrapped in mystery: as I will call you –you just wait and don’t call me back. Knowing Cathy, she doesn’t just wait she investigates. One no ordinary woman comes to Cathy and asks her to find her lost dog which is established later as the very strange case.
There is an unsolved murder and of course Cathy doesn’t stay still she investigates.
It’s quite adventure reading about my favorite character Cathy. Cathy is hilarious, brave and persistent even stubborn person and you will like her because she will make you laugh, cry and make you believe in better life, in goodness in people and general in the magic of life.
Cathy is a wife, a mother, best friend, good neighbor, a savior, a person with good will. She was a housewife; then she run advertising agency with her best friend Rosa and now in this third book of this series, she is co-owner of a company with an ex-cleaner pimple.
If I continue to tell you about Cathy and her adventure I will repeat myself, and I will be boring so that you could read my previous reviews: Looking for La La, Can You Catch a Creeper and A Million Dollars Question, and you will have the a whole picture about Cathy and her life.
I’m telling you that I enjoy in this book as I enjoy in previous books of this series, but this one is my favorite of all four books.
I recommend this book to everyone who likes mystery, female main character, who is strong, funny and likable.

Format: Paperback

Meddling With Murder by Ellie Campbell

Cathy O’Farrell has her own business “Couch End Confidential”. She is struggling to make her business a success, seems she gets nothing but simple jobs, such as elderly ladies looking for someone to find their lost dogs. Then she does get a strange and exciting case, regarding a missing dog. Also her best friend Rosa hires her to investigate her fiance, Alec.

Things are about to heat up for Cathy. Between her domestic life and every day problems, her husband Declan wants to move which is not what Cathy wants to do. Will she be able to solve these mysteries?

The plot is original and moves at a quick pace, with mystery, drama and laughter. Cathy and her friends are very likable. When she starts investigating what seems to be boring and mundane cases, things turn into much more but Cathy is still determined to solve everything. Her marriage is put to test on top of everything. Overall I found Meddling With Murder very enjoyable and highly recommend to all.

*I received this book in exchange for an honest review

Format: Paperback

Meddling With Murder by Ellie Campbell has us meeting Cathy O’ Farrell whom we first met in Looking For La La and who is now the proud owner along with her friend and ex-cleaner, Pimple, of a private investigating agency named ‘Crouch End Confidential Agency’ that was at one time called ‘Helping People Who Would Otherwise Commit Suicide.’

Committed to solving mysteries, Cathy is struggling to make a living and only getting cases of missing pets and bicycles where clients are not in a very paying position. But all this changes when she gets the case of the missing dog. Soon she is juggling danger, solving several small mysteries and even trying to balance her marriage which seems to have taken a bad turn.

I have enjoyed the books by the writing duo of Pam and Lorraine who write under the name Ellie Campbell before and was very excited when they told me about their latest cozy mystery. Promising funny, relatable and sometimes rambling but always genuine characters and a good mystery, I was not disappointed by this book.

The cover is very vivid and appealing. The blurb is interesting but could have been a better initial showcase to the lovely story. The title is intriguing and together these three will surely attract the readers towards the book.

The book starts with our middle age mom investigator, Cathy dangling from a tree while rescuing a cat for her client while the children fear for her safety and call the fire fighters. This opening scene had me dissolving in giggles while also feeling camaraderie for Cathy who is just so sweet, sometimes rambling when she is nervous, simple and so shy that she is often unable to ask her clients to pay her for all her hard work.Read more ›

Format: Paperback

This series just keep getting better and better. This is really the story it’s all been building up to. Cathy is finally a sort of real detective along with Pimple (can’t believe they’re still calling her that). With her new agency up and running, and her seeking to help people, it begins with one mystery after the next that all become entangled and really lead to a great story. Campbell did a great job of leaving little hints and clues that really add up, even if being from America the whole freak out over the gun thing really cracked me up. Oh us silly gun crazy Americans. Plus now all Cathy’s lying finally has a purpose, and she surprisingly does a good job of being confidential, even when it leads to a lot of misunderstandings. Very hilarious misunderstandings. But of course there’s more than just solving the case Cathy is working on, all her friends are up to something, many changing their lives, inspired by Cathy’s own bravery to chase her dreams. Plus Rosa being secretive and wondering about Alec, who is acting even more sneaky. And I must say that I love how Cathy and Declan are together, how no matter what craziness the other is going through they ultimately just want each other to be happy and it’s rather sweet. So much to enjoy and discover it was a great read, and I definitely hope there is more to come.



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