Maya Papaya and the Sick Apple Tree by Denise D Sharon

Maya Papaya and the Sick Apple Tree

Maya Papaya and the Sick Apple Tree

Maya Papaya and the Sick Apple Tree


This is a book about a little girl called Maya Papaya, who loves her garden and all that is in it. One day she finds out that something  changed, her beloved apple tree is loosing it’s leaves!!! Will she be able to cure her tree? This is a book about the changing seasons in nature through a child’s eyes, and the importance of sharing your worries with the people you love and trust.

About the author

HI. My name is Denise. I am a mother as well as a grandmother, I live in Jerusalem, Israel

I have been writing about Yarden, my eldest granddaughter, whom I adore.
I have been writing about Maya, my youngest daughter, the sunshine of my life.

I have been writing about the King who was so Mad at his son, he could not see him any more,
I have been writing about the Prince who had a thousand butterflies in his head…

My stories are about kings and queens, princes and princesses, since I really believe that every home is a Palace, every Dad is a King, every Mum is a Queen, every baby boy is a prince, and every baby girl is a princess…

My stories come from my life,
My stories come from your life,
They come from everybody’s life,
They are universal and eternal.
That is why I love them so much, and that is why I present them to you,with much love and appreciation.

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on March 28, 2015
Format: Kindle EditionVerified Purchase
This book is about compassion and caring. Maya Papaya worries about her apple tree’ she loves so much, because of its falling leaves. After the snow, when the leaves came out again, she was told by her parents, about the nature of the fall season, when the trees lose their leaves. There is a lot to learn from nature. I loved the detailed illustrations – especially Maya’s. I loved the detailed illustrations – especially Maya’s
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Format: Kindle Edition

Trees are some of the most beautiful things in the world. In the summer and fall they bear fruit or flowers or pretty leaves. In some parts of the world, trees turn gold, orange and red in the Fall. Many people travel to see the beautiful trees.

The author, Denise D. Sharon, has written a lovely story about Maya Papaya, who was a happy little girl. She loved her garden, and the beautiful flowers and trees in her garden. One day when the air was becoming colder, Maya put on her jacket and went to visit her garden. Something did not seem right. She looked around and noticed leaves all over the ground. She was heartsick, she thought her lovely apple tree was ill. She did everything she could, to make the apple tree better. When you read this book, you will discover what happened to Maya and her apple tree. Parents/teachers will enjoy reading this book to their children. The children will wonder like Maya, what was wrong with the apple tree.

The illustrations by Fatima Stamato, are bright and colorful. The illustrations depict the events of the apple tree and Maya and her parents. One of the best parts of this book is that there is a lesson to be learned. For children and adults, it is important to learn from lessons, and reading may be the best way to learn. Note: a complimentary copy of this book was provided to read and review.

Recommended. prisrob 02-15-15

on January 27, 2015
Format: Kindle EditionVerified Purchase
Leaving aside that one of my favorite activities with my children is reading bedtime stories for them, I really enjoy children’s books as they take me back to a time of innocence and discovery in my life, a time that clearly defined the person I am today. I have really enjoyed this book for its educational nature, and for the fact that it follows a simple story that is real and does not touch base with fantasy or sci-fi elements – things that I see very often lately in children’s books. Maya’s story is one of my favorite bedtime readings for my boys, and their smiles before going to sleep convinced me that it is among their favorite ones too.
on January 25, 2015
Format: Kindle Edition
This is a charming children’s book, clear and easy to read. The story shows how changes in nature can be seen through the eyes of a child.
The lovely illustrations reflect the spirit of the story.
Especially, I liked the last part of the book with a lovely lesson learned.
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on January 18, 2015
Format: Kindle EditionVerified Purchase
As an educator this is a fabulous book for little ones to read. It shows children that no matter what happens you can always go to your parents. This book should be in the childcare centers in their Fall curriculum.
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