How To Love Your To Do List by Sam Uyama

How To Love Your To Do List

How To Love Your To Do List

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How To Love Your To Do List:

A Simple Guide To Stress-Free Productivity

Are you constantly unable to complete everything that you need to do? Maybe you feel like your life is a series of reactions to whatever happens to you. I’ve felt like that and I don’t like it; I don’t think anyone does.

“How To Love Your To Do List” is for those who are looking for a practical system to increase their performance while decreasing their stress.

About the Author

Sam UyamaSam has lived in many parts of the world, but continues to call North Carolina home. Writing has become a vehicle for him to pursue his grand vision for the world, which is that every single human being absolutely loves the life that they’re living.
He is also an enthusiastic husband, and avid fan of volleyball, ultimate frisbee, and disc golf.
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I read and applied all of the advice in this book. In doing so, I have completely changed my life! I used to keep my to-do list tasks divided into about 25 never-ending categories. Vague “to-dos” were on my list. I would spend about an hour each day just moving my tasks from the current day to the next. Nothing ever really got done. Since reading this wonderful book, I have actually been DOING things! My to-do list is shrinking and I am filling up my time with projects that I had planned to do “someday.” I am now actively planning a trip to Europe this summer, rewriting my resume and applying for a temporary position that I have always wanted, finally decluttering my home and my life, and considering going into a career that will allow me to travel AND achieve other goals. Life is simpler AND I am accomplishing MORE! I highly recommend this book!


Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

As someone who has a seasonal job, and therefore has only myself as a “boss” during the off months, this book has become a blessing for me.

This book not only let me discover a beautifully stress free way for tackling all of my daily and long-term goals, but how Sam Uyama explains it in such a simple and organized (and fun!) manner was a breath of fresh air for my mind.

Also, for the past few years, I have been organizing and directing a summer youth camp.
I had been implementing the stereotypical systems to help keep me on track (creating a to-do list, setting dates for goals, delegating to others what I didn’t need to personally do), but my mind still felt weighed down by all of the details. I was constantly thinking about what I needed to do next and was depending too much on my own (scattered) brain to remember everything that didn’t get written down.

With this book’s almost seamless system, I now feel incredibly more empowered and confident to have a measurably less stressful planning process from start to finish for my camp. Alas, I read it with only a month to go to the week of camp this year, but I’m already set to fully put it into action from the beginning of planning next year.

I for sure will be reading this guide multiple times to master by heart all of the simple, yet effective, steps to make all aspects of my life more peaceful and mentally/emotionally spacious for things that don’t need to-do lists to enjoy (my family, friends, and faith).

“…if you have space, you can fill it with whatever you want.
And that’s fulfillment.” (pg. 45)

Thank you Sam for putting together and sharing this brilliant guide!


Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

I received a free copy of this book for my honest review.

I’m not one for to-do lists. I usually know what I need to do and keep it in my head. However, obviously this method of keeping track of my duties is not fail-proof, and I forget things occasionally. This book helped me to realize the value of a to-do list in addition to fulfilling its original intent – to make a to-do list effective. After all, what’s the point of one if you just look at it every now and then and say, “Eh, I’ll do that later.”

I would recommend this book if you’re struggling to get things done in your life … “I have no time!” “I don’t have the energy!” “I can’t!” Anyone who says that often can benefit from this book.

I gave it four stars not because the quality of the book is lacking but instead because since I’m not so much of a to-do list person, this book had a bit less of an impact on me than it would on someone who keeps to-do lists.


Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

Sam takes a complex issue that people everywhere struggle with and breaks it down into simple, actionable, comprehensible steps that form a plan of action for quickly bringing about positive changes in your habits. Part of the trouble with making significant changes in your life is figuring out where to start because the whole prospect of change can feel both daunting and overwhelming. Sam circumvents this problem by providing an action plan that is extremely accessible. It doesn’t matter if you’re someone that walks around the house looking for your keys when they’re in your hand or if you own dozens of file cabinets and maintain a perfectly organized lifestyle, this book will teach you something about how you can improve your life. It’s a quick read that provides valuable insights into how and why we approach our to-do lists and how to make the most of your time by better organizing what you need to do and allowing more time and attention for the things you really love.

Put reading this book at the top of your to-do list.


Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

Working in the kitchen 40+ hours a week, I can’t say I relate to “Cleaner Desk Space” (as Sammy puts it) terms of: paperclips, pens, and binders, but I do see my cutting board being cluttered with vegetables, knives, and bowls. Its easy to think I’ll save time by having everything out all the time, but in reality it just becomes stressful and disorganized. By simplifying my immediate needs and keeping most of my space empty it allows me to prioritize what needs to be done. There are several other points that stood out to me, but I guess you’ll just have to read it yourself.
I can’t say this book and each and every part of it is something I have taken into my day to day life, but I CAN say that there is only benefit to be gained from this book. So bottom line, if your looking to make your life a little less stressful from your to do list, then I think you came to the right place.
How To Love Your To Do List by Sam Uyama is available on Amazon



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