Lost Girl by Billy McLaughlin

Lost Girl by Billy McLaughlin

Lost Girl

Lost Girl

When a body is found in a burned out club, the finger immediately points to a homeless woman who had an axe to grind with her former employer.  She was heard threatening his life.  However, she has other things to worry about when she finds herself sleeping under a bridge, and in fear for her life.  It transpires that she is the victim of a predatory stalker who is intent on vengeance.  Why?  Kate finds that she has no choice but to become ‘lost’ and disappears.  Meanwhile, everybody she has grown to care about finds themselves in danger.  Kate once thought her only choice was to lay down and die but, with death waving its fateful finger at her, she discovers her own will to survive.  As her own life unravels, and the secrets around her come tumbling out, Kate will have to decide whether this is a fight she is going to win or lose.

“I would recommend this book to anyone who likes a good thriller.” Ami Michelle

“That sums this book up, it has the wow factor.” AllyMcMental

A five star read.

About the Author

Billy McLaughlinBilly McLaughlin is a thirty-seven year old Glasgow born writer who specialises in suspense and crime writing.  In early 2016, he published his first novelette ‘Invisible’ which garnered rave reviews amongst amazon customers and was praised for its surprising twist and the character development which is considered rare in short stories.  The story is a stand-alone tale that follows the growing relationship between two employees at a PR company.  As the friendship develops between them, he begins to suspect that she harbours a shocking secret that may have endangered her.  He sets out to aid her in her plight but discovers that his help might not be welcome.  He followed in May 2016 with ‘Lost Girl’ which is a thrilling page turner and has been described as ‘gripping’ and with a shocking denouement that left readers thrilled and surprised by its various twists and turns.  The lead Detective, who showcases both his muscles and his brain in ‘Lost Girl’ has already became a staple of McLaughlin’s work and returned in the follow-ups; ‘In The Wake Of Death’ which came out on 1st August 2016, and ‘The Way The Rain Falls’ which will be released in early 2017.  ‘In The Wake Of Death’ recently received similarly positive reviews and was praised, again, for character development and it’s tight and thrilling plot.  It tells of a man who is left in a coma after a car accident.  When he wakes, he discovers that his partner is missing and that his sister has returned to his life to care with him as he recuperates.  His brain injury prevents him from remembering the last couple of years of his life, leaving his sister to conclude that his partner is a creation of his mind.  Feeling alone, and betrayed, the man has to unravel his confusion.  As he endures nightmares and visions, he continues to search for somebody that nobody believes existed, only to discover that nothing is as it seemed.
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Format: Kindle Edition

I loved ths book. i did not see that ending coming but i wont say too much because it will give it away. every time i thought i knew what was going to happen something different happened. i recognised from the descriptions lots of places but it was good that writer created his own world from the world as i know it. i felt emotionally attached to some of the characters although there was maybe one or two that i would like to have known more about. this is the second book of this writer that i read and i was glad it was a lot longer and more depth. look forward to the next one.


Format: Kindle Edition

Asked to review this book honestly so here goes.

Getting into a book by an unknown author is sometimes difficult. You’re not familiar with their way of writing and it can take a few pages before you settle into it. At first I thought this author was over writing, you know call a spade a spade and not a constructed piece of preformed steel attached to a carefully shaped handle made of wood. You get the idea?

Then I settled in and accepted this is how he writes.

Wow from that moment on I was hooked, hooked so completely I was afraid to put the book down in case I missed something.

The story is fast but not so fast that you feel rushed. The characters are cleverly portrayed. You feel Kate’s anguish and can understand and sympathise with her. Flo is a class act because for the short time you spend with her you long to know her. The villains you seriously want punished they are cast so well.

Then I did something I rarely ever do, I cried. I literally had tears running down my face.

I was for a short time at a loss for words then I just said WOW!

That sums this book up, it has the wow factor.

I can’t remember the last time I empathised with characters so much and was moved to tears.

Would I recommend this book? Totally, if you don’t give it a go you’re seriously missing out.

Was it worth 5*? No, it was worth much more, if there was a higher category I would have gone with that.


Format: Paperback

Kate is being stalked, she has no idea who it is, not only that but she is caught up in arson and murder. The character of Kate I found easy to have empathy for, I found her emotionally unbalanced, depressed and living in fear – at first I thought this was just because of her past but things became clearer as McLaughlin developed her story.

One of my favourite characters was Flo, an old homeless woman who takes Kate under her wing. I knew from the moment we met her there was more than meets the eye and there would be a connection somewhere, I had no idea what the connection would be.

My other favourite character was Phil, I found him professional but sympathetic with compete passion for his work. I really rooted for him throughout.

When I first started reading this book I found it quite slow, i was about a quarter of the way through when I became hooked. McLaughlin made me believe in his characters and also their background stories and their relationships. The “bad” characters are believable and made me feel disgusted by their behaviours.

I would recommend this book to anyone who likes a good thriller.

And I’ll leave you with this. .. I didn’t see it coming!


Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

Set in Glasgow, this book does give a strong impression of the seedier side of the city. A body is found in a nightclub that burned down. The police are looking at arson and murder as well as trying to identify the victim. The nightclub owner is a shady and threatening character. The main character, Kate Mulgrew, has feelings of low esteem, and walks out of her home and her family to face a life on the street – the mystery begins. She finds herself caught up in the arson/murder investigation, and the story proceeds with twists and revelations that keep the reader engaged.

The book is very well described, though in places, a little over described. As this is the first book by the author, it is easily overlooked. The characters are well drawn, believable, and easy to identify with the situation. Suspense is built steadily as the story unfolds. This book will certainly appeal to readers of crime and suspense. I can recommend it.


Format: Paperback

This book is amazing the twist and turns keeps you on the edge of your seat. It is well worth having a read. I would also recommend this book to others. A big well done to the author can’t wait for the next book


Format: Kindle Edition

I was pleasantly surprised with Lost Girls and amazed to find out the author was male. HIs main character Kate Mulgrew and a secondary one Flo is written with such insight to the female psyche. I can’t give spoilers but we see the character development is string with them and I truly cared about what happened to them and their journey in this well crafted storyline.

Billy McLaughin writes with passion and brings the city of Glasgow to life and the narrative gives the reader a sense of what the place and people are like. A good strong plot with some great characters. I will be reading more from McLaughin.


Format: Paperback Verified Purchase

A very cleverly plotted book with vividly drawn characters. A great read- so good that I stayed up till 2am last night to finish it. I hope to read more from this author.



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