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I Have Lived Today

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England. 1960s. A cold, harsh autumn. On an isolated island, an abusive man forces his wife to run for her life. Their son Tristan, young and afraid, also flees the island and sets out into the world to escape his demons and find his mother. Hitchhiking beneath the backdrop of a wild and loveless November,

Tristan encounters every possible character, from the genuinely kind to the inherently wicked. Beaten, robbed and stripped of even hope, Tristan finds himself on the gritty streets of London’s East End, where everything he thought he knew about life starts to shatter and crumble around him.

With all hope seemingly lost, a young boy even questions the futility of life itself. But when he learns that there are others who share his torment and understand his pain, can Tristan find the courage to make it through his darkest hours? Tristan’s tale is a grim exploration into his own conscience. As he discovers the unique ability of humans to do such heinous things both to themselves and to one another, it’s all he can do to keep control as his passage of internal discovery takes one dark turn after another and sends him to the edge.

About the Author

Steven MooreSteven Moore grew up by the beach in Lowestoft, England. An avid sportsman, painter, photographer and reader, those loves are only trumped by his love of travel and writing. To date he has visited 49 countries and has lived and worked on five continents, and highlights have been trekking in the Andes and Himalayas, scuba diving all over south-east Asia, teaching English in Korea, and eating anything and everything, wherever he happens to be.

Steven lives in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico with his wife, freelance journalist Leslie Patrick, and though they’ve at last have found a beautiful home-base, they’ll soon be heading out on necessary visa runs which, considering their shared love of travel and adventure, tend to last months rather than days.

Steven writes about his travels and adventures on his dedicated blog, ‘Twenty First Century Nomad,’ but his first novel, ‘I Have Lived Today,’ is his first full length fiction book.

“Moore has a crisp, economical style, and sets the scene well. The story, while bleak, is shot through with moments of pathos…compelling from start to finish” – Mark Dawson, bestselling author of the John Milton, Beatrix Rose, Isabella Rose and Soho Noir series.

“One of those books I already know I’ll return to. A story of genuine breadth and depth, hard without being bleak. Thoroughly recommended” – John Bowen, author of bestselling occult thriller, Where The Dead Walk

“A book of real substance, it takes you on a powerful journey” – John Hopton, author of coming of age novel ‘Three Little Boys.’

Steven has also published a popular short story, ‘The Death of Helena,’ a release that will always be FREE, so if you’d like a free download, just email him at: 21centurynomad@gmail.com

His current work-in-progress is the first installment of a series of mystery adventure novels, and future projects include a travel memoir.

To follow Steven’s writing career, go to his imaginatively named author blog, ‘Steven Moore, Author.’
Twitter Name: @HiramKaneIII
Facebook Name: Steven Moore
Web site stevenmooreauthor.com



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I somewhat grudgingly started this book upon a recommendation from a friend; grudgingly because it didn’t sound like the sort of book that I like (depressing back story, journey of self-discovery – when I tend to read fantasy and non-fiction) but I hate it when people say that to me when I recommend them fantastic books and they’re not willing to give them a try, so I gave it a go. To say I was pleasantly surprised would be somewhat of an understatement, it’s a great book, well-written and grabs you from the start. Somehow, despite the aforementioned depressing content of the book, it is not at all a depressing read. I wasn’t born in the era the book was set, which didn’t detract anything from the experience for me but may add something for readers who can connect to some of the historical allusions (mods and rockers, the Krays..). While it may not be my cup of tea, I thoroughly enjoyed it and would give it 4 stars – I got a copy for my nan because I thought she would like it and she absolutely loved it, 5 stars from her!


Format: Kindle Edition

Go on a trip with Tristan Nancarrow through 60s England. This is a well written book & told story. The author takes you in and you feel what Tristan is feeling which at times it not always pleasant. Moore has a great use of language to describe the various situations and places. Each chapter will leave you hanging as you try and piece together the outcome of each character and where they fit in. An entertaining and gripping book that is hard hitting. Set in 60s England but unfortunately the issues discussed are still relevant today. It will get you thinking


Format: Kindle Edition

I don’t summarize books much when I review them. I just give my opinion. This story is heartwrenching and tough but the boy who is the main character is written very well and goes through a huge life change throughout the story. I cried more than once while reading it and wish it had a little bit more happiness in the end, but it was a story of growing up and going out into the world. Some grammatical issues are throughout the book and a big distraction is that there are no page breaks when switching between scenes of each group or person. I dealt with it but some would be very frustrated by that.


Format: Paperback

An inspiring and emotional tale of a young boy’s mental transitions along the rollercoaster ride of life, “I Have Lived Today” is a fantastic read. The author’s use of foreshadowing kept me on the edge of my seat throughout. The book refrains from using pointless fillers and instead keeps the reader engaged at all times, continually involving you in the protagonist’s internal dilemmas and revelations. Complete with brutally raw experiences, painstaking actualizations, and simple yet heartwarming joys, I’d recommend this novel to anyone who is in search of a reminder of what it means to live.


By miss lm mace on February 26, 2015

Format: Paperback

Wow! I have only just got into reading, and I normally go for the freebies, however I was recommended this booked and it did not let me down.
All the boxes are tick with this book, hardship, sorrow, love, tears, need I go on.
The quality of the writing, with in-depth description, puts you right there with Tristan and his pursuit in life and what a way to end.
I loved it and have recommended it to others to read.
Well done Steven Moore, if this is a debut book, get on with writing your next one, I cannot wait.


Format: Paperback Verified Purchase

“I Have Lived Today” was an intense and well constructed book. With troubled, believable characters and dark yet atmospheric settings, the story was fascinating and gripping. I look forward to whatever this author offers next.




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