Lily and the Animal Choir by Ayala Saar

Lily and the Animal Choir

Lily and the Animal Choir

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Lily and the Animal Choir

Lily’s Adventure-Animal story teaches children about courage, the benefits of determination, and to not judge a book by its cover.

Lily the goat loves to sing—and so do her goat friends!
“May we join your choir?” Lily and the goats pleaded.
“Being part of a choir is just what we needed!
We sing and we dance; it’ll be so much fun!
Let us make beautiful music for everyone!”

The animals in the choir only laugh at the goats and make fun of their bleating.
Lily and her friends begin to wonder if any chorus will ever accept them for who they are. Then, just when they are feeling most discouraged, but did not give up; they come across a wonderful surprise….

Lily’s rhyming bedtime story is sure to touch the hearts of even the youngest of readers, and perfect for beginner and early readers!

Ayala Saar


Ayala Saar is blessed with two children and has always had a love for literature and films.

Ayala is a certified personal and business coach. She also has an MBA-specializing in organizational management from Ono Academic College.

In the years since her studies Ayala has been working in management and in motivating people to fulfill themselves. In recent years she is also volunteers as a lecturer on professional and personal empowerment.

Ayala’s books combine personal experience with an extensive knowledge she acquired over the years. They are aimed so that children will develop social skills, values and good manners.
Her books are fun and filled with humor and beautiful pictures so both children and adults will enjoy reading them over and over again.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Singing In The Choir 7 Aug. 2015
Format:Kindle Edition

Do you like to sing? Have you ever wanted to sing in a choir?

The author, Ayala Saar, has written another lovely book about animals. In this book we meet Lily the goat and her friends. Lily loved to sing,as did her friends. They thought they had lovely voices and wanted to join a choir. They came across other groups of animals, and they were turned away. However, they kept looking and wondered why they were not allowed to join their choirs. When you read this book, you will understand what happens next. Parents/teachers will like reading this book to their children. The children will all have questions about the animals and their singing. They can discuss why they like to sing. The illustrations by Abir Das, are bright, vivid and colorful, they depict all the adventures of the animals and their singing. The two parts of this book I liked the best were the lessons learned, and the fact that the book was written in rhyme, my favorite way of reading a children’s book. This is a fun story that will resonate with children and their adults.

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