LETTUCE! by Diana Kizlauskas

LETTUCE! by Diana Kizlauskas


LETTUCE! by Diana Kizlauskas

YIKES! There is only so much luck a Rabbit can handle… Rabbit and his wacky neighbors spin a deliciously tall tale about sharing as they deal with a garden overrun by a giant crop of LETTUCE!

About the Author

Diana KizlauskasDiana Kizlauskas is a Chicago native. She’s an accomplished illustrator, having illustrated promotional materials for major companies like McDonald’s® and Quaker Oats®, and newspaper feature stories for a Chicago newspaper. Her true passion is illustrating books for children. She’s illustrated a dozen Leveled Readers for major publishers including Harcourt Achieve, Macmillan McGraw-Hill, and Pearson Education.

Recently, she illustrated the award-winning Jorge of Argentina: the Story of Pope Francis for Children, and Howl of the Mission Owl. LETTUCE! is her first venture into both writing and illustrating. This Beginning Reader has been a big hit with children, parents and educators alike.
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This is a delightful tale of how to solve a problem of too much of a good thing. Rabbit’s friends have lots of good ideas, but grumpy old owl sparks a great plan that helps everyone.

Along with the great story are beautiful illustrations. The details and color are worthy of hanging on a lucky child’s bedroom wall. But I could never take them from this special book. In the picture of Mrs Cat, I felt as though I could touch he shawl and feel each stitch.

I can’t wait to share this book with my young cousin.


Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

This book emphasises verbs, description words by making them larger. This can be used for parents and teachers to help teach meaning of words. The story is one which children can see that rabbit had a problem but he talked to others and helped to decide what would be best for all.
I highly recommend this book to parents and teachers.


Format: Kindle Edition

This book by Diana Kizlauskas will not disappoint! The illustrations are amazing. It is an engaging story that will keep you in awe from page to page. The author sends a valuable message to children in the story. I work in a school as a K-5 reading specialist and my students love this type of children’s literature. I look forward to the author publishing more great work!


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The question is simple: What do you do if you have TOO MUCH LETTUCE… or any other good thing in your life? This well-dressed and hard-working Rabbit has that challenge.

The lines are few and simple, but the most imaginative, colorful and full-page illustrations more than make up for lack of words. Not too often do I meet a book that has such a wonderful blend of words and art. Rabbit’s friends come to admire his Lettuce Bonanza… and give advice what to do with it. Show it off at the fair and win first prize… sell the lettuce… use it for games. But Rabbit wasn’t happy with such advice. His solution show’s his kind heart… and readers and listeners will want to share their abundance in the same way.


Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

This is the complete review as it appears (http://ianwoodnovellum.blogspot.com/2015/06/lettuce-by-diana-kizlauskas.html) at my blog dedicated to reading, writing (no ‘rithmatic!), movies, & TV.

As I mentioned for the other review I posted today, some children’s authors unfortunately feel that young children are an easy mark and not worth much time, and the path to success is via a series of cheap illustrations and a silly rhyme, and you’re in business. This author/illustrator isn’t one of those, I’m thrilled to report!

I’ve been lucky with the children’s books I’ve reviewed, and I’ve found very few of them to be sub-standard, but I get to chose which ones I review, so I have an advantage! I try to review these books positively if I can because while children don’t deserve less than adults, they are, bless their little cotton socks, far less critical and are willing (as I am in fact), to forgo excellence and finery if they can get a great story and/or some engrossing art work, and especially so if it’s educational. This is one reason why I was so thrilled with the two books I’m reviewing today, because both of them are really, really excellent. On the other hand, it is Friday, so maybe I’m just in a thoroughly good mood. Naw, these books are great any day of the week!

This particular one has remarkable art work by the author, to which the sample images on my blog certainly do not do justice. It’s the story of rabbit and his lettuce farm. He plants his seeds as usual, but the lettuce gets out of control. These things are humongous. They’ve lagomorphed to giant size. Rabbit doesn’t have a clue what to do.

The author tells us what he does do in delightfully well-written rhymes.Read more ›


Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

This book was really a beautifully illustrated book. With vividly colored scenes. The words were carefully chosen to elicit a response from the child. It was a really enjoyable read for the youngest child in the house. She read along and enjoyed that the rabbit was interested in all the other animals opinion. there were skunks, owls even cats and dogs. The animals were also really well drawn and the color was so bright. A lovely book to look at as well as read.

The plot was so easy to follow and there were choices that the rabbit had to make about his giant lettuce. I highly recommend this for early readers and younger.
Diana Kizlauskas really knows what she is doing when it comes to writing to small children.


Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

Cute tale that is appropriate as a read aloud or bedtime story for preschoolers or kindergarten children. The illustrations are colorful and charming. I particularly enjoyed the clever way that action verbs are portrayed to convey their meaning.

Rabbit plants a patch of lettuce on his farm and is rewarded for his efforts by a bumper crop. Now he ponders what to do with all his proceeds. Friends like the skunk, raccoon, dog, cat, and pig have very different suggestions. Finally, Rabbit consults the wise old owl who is too sick to offer advice. That gets him thinking……and Rabbit comes up with a wonderful idea that allows him to reap a true profit.

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