Lenity: your streetwise soul by Ian-Anthony Finnimore

Lenity: your streetwise soul

Lenity: your streetwise soul

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your streetwise soul

Lenity is an evolving concept for living life spiritually in modern times – this is a mini guide to the wider thought process.

By definition it means gentle or kindness – to be lenient.

However we choose to spend our time – actions have lasting effects on our lives that can’t be waved away with a stint in an exclusive celebrity rehab.

It is a frame of mind that is incredibly difficult to maintain in the rash & abrasive modern world .

About the Author

Ian-Anthony FinnimoreA former charity worker from England.
Ian promotes the western spiritual belief system of Lenity.It’s message should be especially relevant to the Ipad, Kindle generation by promoting empathy in a selfish society.
It asks nothing of you except to take responsibility for your own actions, nobody is perfect but to keep butting heads with others leads you nowhere new.Lenity: your streetwise soul by Ian-Anthony Finnimore is available on Amazon



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