Legends Of Potentia: Umbras by Jai Angel

 Legends Of Potentia: Umbras  by Jai Angel

Legends Of Potentia: Umbras

Legends Of Potentia: Umbras

Legends Of Potentia is an entertaining Science Fiction story with a blend of Paranormal and Supernatural elements. When a otherworldly entity mistakenly arrives in a city, all heck breaks loose and things get out of whack when several residents come up missing. Also, two young friends discover a magical item that gives them the ability to fight this threat but can they do it? The burden is quite a heavy one for two thirteen year old boys.

About the Author

Jai Angel is a lover of all things Paranormal and the Unknown. He enjoys star-gazing, watching old school sci-fi films and listening too space ambient music.



Format:Kindle Edition
The detail is so awesome in this book, everything from a small stream to the shocking horrors that await inside grabbed my imagination and wouldn’t let go. The twist and turns are like a runaway train but one you don’t want to escape until you see its end. Each chapter leaves you thinking you have the answers to everything in this great journey, but do you really?
5.0 out of 5 stars 2 boys were the chosen ones for Planet Arienian August 7, 2014
Format:Kindle Edition
“Only the chosen Arienians have the power to conceal Jahari. How is it that you two can conceal
them?” asked Yaasha as he turned away perplexed. Yaasha was so intrigued and shocked that two boys
from this primitive planet Earth could be two of the chosen ones that held the destiny of his home planet Arienian.
That is really cute because we earthlings do have a chance to play a major role, instead of an obnoxious, uncivilized
lowly beings that have no esteem in the eyes of alien beings.
So the story goes. Kinesi (the purest energy in the Universe) in its purest form cannot be harnessed by one individual alone.
Its power is so great that if it is used incorrectly, it can destroy entire worlds, possibly even
reorder entire solar systems. Since it cannot be harnessed alone, the ancient Elders learned how to
focus it and split it into different energy channels called Potentia.What was once a legacy known as Potentia and Magnus Umbra (the looming bad entities of darkness ) became a legend as it was passed down through the generations and soon an urban myth. Until Magnus Umbra returned unexpectedly and stronger than ever before and attacked planet Arienian. Consequently, Yaasha was hunted down by Magnus Umbra
all the way throughout the universe, until his accident trapped him on Earth.

What I like about the story is that it uses the cutting edge scientific theory as its story background. The beginning of the story sounds like the “Big Bang”. As the story develops, there are crystal energy, sound energy, and in the later stages, dark energy and perhaps things that are similar to dark matter.

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4.0 out of 5 stars A Riveting Tale July 27, 2014
Format:Kindle Edition

I’m starting to think that all great reads are listed under the Young Adult (YA) genre. And perhaps that is due to the wide range of topics in which writers can use their innocent, childlike imagination to tell fantasizing stories with a hint of realism from an adult perspective. To be honest, I’m not really certain what it is about YA novels, but what I do know is this…Jai Angel’s, Legends of Potentia Shadows, was riveting, humorous, and page-turning interesting.

Despite the several editing errors and kindle formatting, if you are looking for a read that feeds your science fiction appetite and unfolds in your mind like a movie showing on the big screen…this book is for you. Angel told a descriptive tale that was at times very predictable, which I enjoyed, and left me in shock at other times. From the very beginning I was hooked! I find myself bellowing with laughter, screaming at the pages for the characters to run, captivated by the behavior of the creature(s), and just shocked at the sudden deaths. This sci-fy, YA, fantasy novel had shape-shifter(s)…, well maybe they were more like chameleon-like creature(s)…no, not chameleons…they were a devouring species that landed on earth with the hunger to eat, and their meal of choice included HUMANS! As the story unfolds you learn that the end of the novel is only the beginning, and there is so much to the story that has yet to be told.

There were several quotes that left a lasting impression, but one in particular that I would like to share with you reads:

“Art can be anything thrown together, but true art improves itself during each cycle.” ~Jai Angel

I give Jai Angel’s “Legends of Potentia Shadow” 4 ½ out of 5 stars.

Happy reading!

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4.0 out of 5 stars An Intriguing Tale October 2, 2014
By Miranda
Format:Kindle Edition
Jai Angel wrote “Legends of Potentia: Shadows (Umbra)”, an intriguing tale that will hold your interest from start to finish. The plot and characters are well developed. The story is perfectly paced and rich in details. I recommend this book for all who enjoy science fiction with a fantasy twist.
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