Legatus Legionis by Ian Miller


Legatus Legionis by Ian J. Miller

Legatus Legionis by Ian J. Miller

Legatus Legionis by Ian Miller


 Book two in the Gaius Claudius Scaevola trilogy.

It seemed to Gaius Claudius Scaevola that he was being manipulated. He had received a prophecy and too many parts had come true for it to be an accident. Now the prophecy was back on track when Caligulae once again reversed a decision in his and the prophecy’s favour, and he was made a Legatus Legionis. He meets the first woman in his life, and ignores her as he makes a fundamental discovery, both required by the prophecy. But then the prophecy is strangely quiet about happens next. He risks more trouble with Caligulae when he falls in love with Vipsania, only to find later that her father is plotting to support the Scribonianus plot to overthrow Claudius.  He must restore his love, stop the plot, then somehow make Claudius recognized by the army as an Imperator. He has his chance when Claudius transfers him to Legio XX Valeria, which is ordered to invade Britain.

About the author

The book shows what the scientific method is as Scaevola solves his problem to prove the heliocentric theory, while the background involving the Scribonianus attempted coup, and the invasion of Britain, are followed as accurately as possible, given the significant historical uncertainty and the needs of the plot.

Ian Miller is a semi-retired scientist who is married and lives in Lower Hutt, New Zealand. He took first class honours in chemistry, followed by a PhD from the University of Canterbury, and despite most of his working life being in the private sector his subsequent scientific work has led to about 100 peer-reviewed scientific papers, mainly on the structures of seaweed polysaccharides, energy from wastes and biomass, photochemistry, and theoretical science. He has also written about 35 other general scientific articles, and was on the Editorial Board of Botanica Marina between about 1998-2008. He has owned Carina Chemical Laboratories Ltd, a New Zealand private research company since 1986, and during this period he has embarked on setting up or helping new businesses based on chemistry, including the manufacture and uses of pyromellitates (a cursed venture) seaweed processing, the development of Nemidon gels (www.nemidon.co.nz) and fuels through hydrothermal processing.

As result of a student bet, he completed one work of fiction, which quite rightly at first did not succeed, and when subsequently revised was unlucky, but now in later life he has returned to writing fiction. In semi-retirement he is now self-publishing ebooks, including scientific ones to present theoretical work that is otherwise not published, or futuristic science fiction.

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