Lazy Weekend No2 Short Stories By Amelie Rose


Lazy Weekend No2 by Amelie Rose

Lazy Weekend No2 by Amelie Rose

Lazy Weekend No2


Eight short stories by Amelie Rose

 Friday Flowers

Stephanie turned the envelope over, in case there was a name on the back, a small twitch jumping beneath her right eye. Her hand shook as she fingered open the flap and pulled out the card, her eyes widening in amazement as she saw that this time there was a message.

Harry’s Haunting

I decided a good old-fashioned scare was in order but something about the intruder looked familiar and I held back. Where had I seen him before? And what was he doing with that gun?

Mum’s on Strike

No one else’s mother, according to her 13 year-old ancient, checked with parents first before allowing a sleep-over. That above all was the absolute uncoolest thing; it made her feel like a child.

The Little Black Dress

What she would swap, however, was the cheating rat of a husband who was having what he thought was a `secret’ affair with his ridiculously well-endowed blonde bombshell of a secretary.


Five Gnomes and a Funeral

Her eyes glittered angrily. Never again would she have to tolerate their smug pity. Everything was going to plan and there was just one gnome to go. She would have to be particularly careful when she disposed of that one. There seemed to be a strange air of watchfulness in the garden, which made her uneasy.

Real Thing

A couple of weeks after that first meeting with Susie he tells me he’s got an out of town conference to attend. Well, I’m not stupid; I knew what that meant. What was the bet a certain female from his office would be attending the same conference? I was right, of course. She even had the nerve to mention it in front of me when she came round for a barbecue with some others from his workplace.
The Christmas Panto

Looking down to avoid eye contact, she willed the curtain call. Up until now her love had been her own very private secret. She couldn’t have made her feelings clearer if she’d stood on stage and announced it to the audience.

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`Squaring my shoulders I marched verbally on. As `Love’s Sweet Desire’ began to take shape my confidence swelled; but by the time Jarrad had thrown a panting Emily onto his revolving circular king-sized waterbed and stripped her down to her non-existent bra and miniscule lace knickers, I became vaguely aware of a certain tension in the room.

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Five star lazy weekend January 9, 2013
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I love short stories and I love this author, Amelie Rose. sometimes you don’t want to read a full blown book, but smaller, shorter stories, in which case, this is the book for me. Hope you get to read and enjoy it too.

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