Lazy Weekend Collection of Short Stories by Amelie Rose


Lazy Weekend No1 by Amelie Rose

Lazy Weekend No1 by Amelie Rose



Lazy Weekend No 1

1. Child Genius

Some came back because of the great cuisine and overall good company but
others left, never to be seen again at number 64 Dolly Crescent, after the humiliation of debating with a six year old over the state of the economy – and losing.
2. Blue Susan

Then we reached our gate and I knew the problem wasn’t back at number 48.
The silence was almost tangible. Something was seriously wrong. I felt it in my gut, my skin, and even my hair felt like it had risen an inch on my scalp. (Based on a true story).

3. Blue Nose Café

That short fierce summation of her life had really got to her. Suddenly, she wanted to be here in a year’s time; in 10, 20; 50 if she were lucky. So she did the only thing that made any sense to her at the time, although those who knew thought she was completely mad and had found ways of telling her so.

4. A Cuppa a Day

`I asked him what nurse was he talking about and he said the one who’s been coming every day for the last month. I certainly don’t recall any nurse but I won’t say so; he’s been saying a few odd things lately.’

5. A Lifetime of Firsts

“This is all wrong. It shouldn’t be happening. I can’t do it.”
My best friend stood before me in the beautiful dress she was so excited about wearing, her face white with shock.
“You can’t back out now,” she hissed, probably envisaging her own big day as chief bridesmaid slipping away.

6. Book of Days

She was trying to make sense of the scene when the woman shook her head and turned to speak to the man, gesturing to another ring display. She saw his face plainly as he nodded to the assistant. There was no mistake. It was Michael and he and that woman were choosing a ring.

7. Ed’s Ghost

Thanks to her mother’s reminiscing she was thoroughly familiar with almost every photograph in the room. How had this one escaped its walk down memory lane?

8. House of Memories

Below stood her stepmother, white-faced and trembling as she stared up through round frightened eyes.

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Five star Love all her books! January 10, 2013
By Chris
Format:Kindle Edition
A great compilation of stories. I thoroughly recommed. Each one story is so different, with a twist at the end.
Amelie Rose is an author to watch.

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