Kondi’s Quest by Sylvia Stewart

Kondi's Quest by Sylvia Stewart

Kondi’s Quest

Kondi’s Quest

— Book One of the Mysteries in Malawi series (pre-teens’ mystery)

All Kondi longs for is her father’s love, but he seems only concerned with what is in his mysterious brown envelope. She sure wishes she knew what was in it. This coming of age story relates a lot of African life-style and culture.

About the Author

Sylvia StewartSylvia Stewart lived in Malawi, East Africa for 21 years.  She is well acquainted with the local language, Chichewa, and also the Malawian culture.
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For all that it is a simple story told from a child’s perspective, this is actually a book of surprising depth. I whipped through it quickly, but was touched over and over again by the heart-breaking reality of Kondi’s plight and her eventual triumph over seemingly overwhelming circumstances. Loved getting a glimpse of a foreign setting through the eyes of an author who obviously not just knows her stuff, but knows it to the core of her bones. Lovely and moving.


Format: Paperback Verified Purchase

I could hardly put this book down. It flowed easily and gave such a beautiful, realistic picture of a girl growing up in Africa. Having spent 20 years of my adult life living in Africa, I enjoyed the picture painted by Stewart in this poignant coming of age story of Kondi. Life for women and children in Africa is not an easy road. This is very evident in the book but certainly not overstated. I gave copies of this book to several older lady friends of mine and they enjoyed it just as much as myself and they had never been to Africa. It’s a book that girls and women of all ages will enjoy and benefit from. I have purchased copies for leaders in my organization and plan to keep recommending it wherever I can. Thank you, Ms. Stewart!


Format: Paperback

Kondi’s Quest is a wonderful story of love and reconciliation that is found through everyday trials and suffering. Kondi must endure the abuse of her father who drinks too much and takes out his failures and insecurities on Kondi. Although this story is written from the perspective of a young African girl, her story will speak to the hurts and stuggles of many of our youth all over the world. Her story will inspire and remind young readers that our hope and comfort are in God alone. In our fear and pain, God will make a way to restore the brokenness of our lives.

This story is beautifully written and takes the reader to Malawi Africa. It’s not hard to imagine yourself right there with Kondi as she crawls through the brush, walks through the market or cares for her mother in the hospital. The vividness of writing style not only transports readers to Africa, you can also feel Kondi’s fear and dread of having a run-in with her father. You feel the joy and peace that Kondi feels when God answers her prayers.

This book is written for young people, but I must say, as an adult, I enjoyed the story and was completely drawn in by the writing style. I highly recommend this book for kids ages 12 and up. Kids will identify with Kondi’s desire to be loved by her father. Young readers will also see that God is faithful and His love for us reaches past our failures to bring us to Himself.


Format: Paperback

As a mother of two young children, free time is precious and I choose very carefully what I read. Kondi’s Quest was well worth the read. I found the characters to be believable and endearing. The vivid details and imagery of Malawi brought me back to my childhood spent in East Africa. I appreciate Stewart’s ability to give readers a glimpse into the life of a child from a different culture, and to do it in such a way that one can relate to Kondi and her struggles and dreams. I highly recommend this book to anyone looking for a good read, but especially parents with school aged children. Kondi’s Quest is a delightful, respectful and compelling way of exposing children to life in the developing world and will create a sense of camaraderie between the reader and protagonist. Stewart adeptly captures the global commonality of childhood and portrays different cultures with dignity and class. My only request of the author is that she write a sequel.


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I wasn’t sure this book would hold my interest because the main character is twelve, but I could not put it down! I dare you to read the sample and not buy the book and read it straight through. It is a very moving story told by an extremely talented author. The scenes were so well described, I now feel as if I have visited Africa. The author has the knack of making the reader feel what the girl in the story is feeling, every step of the way. I would recommend this book to my granddaughters and that is the highest compliment I can pay. It’s a fantastic read for women of any age and I’m sure I will want to read it again one day.


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If there were only one thing a 12 year old girl could want, it would be the love of her father. Kondi only knows the brunt of her father’s abuse. His inability to find a job, alcoholism, and abuse towards Kondi and her pregnant mother make the struggle to exist even more difficult. Encouraged by a faithful friend to remain obedient to God, Kondi learns that God can be trusted to answers prayer in His own way and time, and that the outcome is much better than what she could have contrived on her own. Sylvia Stewart does a remarkable job at capturing rural life in Malawi and the hardships it entails. The imagery brings such vividness to Kondi’s character and to the story in a way that connects the reader on a personal level.


Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

Sylvia Stewart expertly takes the reader to another country, to another another culture, npne foreign to most Westerners, and yet the experiences of young Kondi is no different than that of any girl. Konid wants to be loved and accepted, to find her purpose in life. While Kondi seeks the answer to these questions, something darker and more menacing forces her to rely on her faith and a strength beyond what she thought she possessed. The entire story is well crafted, but the nail biting conclusion is perfectly executed to keep the reader guessing and hoping for the right outcome. I highly recommend this story to all age groups from young adults to old grandmas like me. Good, job, Sylvia Stewart. Good job.



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