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Just Married again

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What Could Possibly go wrong?

This second chance at love romantic comedy includes  a stow-away, a couple of spunky dachshunds, and a snowstorm, as well as a sweet meddling matchmaker, who is their family doctor.


The last person who Maddy Kelly expects to show up at the family mountain cabin for the holidays is her soon-to-be ex- Michael, who seemed to be too busy to ever enjoy their hideaway. Following doctor’s orders to reduce stress, Michael arrives at their remote cabin, unexpected, during a snowstorm in the dead of night. Which is why Maddy greets him with a fire poker over the head, and leaving him with a case of temporary amnesia.  Michael, struggling with returning memory, realizes how much he loves his wife, and is willing to do anything to get her back, even if it means still pretending to have amnesia.

When you add to the mix Michael’s mouthy 13-year-old nephew, who has stowed away in Michael’s car, and Maddy’s two opinionated dachshunds, who take an instant disliking to Michael, and you have a laugh-out-loud recipe for a romance filled with comedy and sweet moments you won’t forget.

About the Author

Charlotte HughesNY Times bestselling author Charlotte Hughes is currently a hybrid author. She published her first category romance in 1987, a Bantam Books Loveswept, titled Too Many Husbands, which immediately shot to #1 on the Waldenbooks Bestseller list. She went on to write almost thirty books before the line closed in 1998.
Charlotte is widely known for her laugh-out-loud romantic comedies, but she went on to pen three Maggie-Award winning thrillers in the late nineties, before resuming her first love, funny stories about people falling in love. Ms Hughes thrilled readers with her sweet fun books, A New Attitude and Hot Shot, the latter of which won the Waldenbooks Greatest Sales Growth Achievement in 2003. Her books received so many accolades that she was invited to co-author the very popular Full House series with mega-star author Janet Evanovich.

After the Full Series,  Charlotte began her own, starring psychologist Kate Holly; What Looks Like Crazy, Nutcase, and High Anxiety, creating a list of somewhat kooky but always loveable and funny ensemble characters. She published four novels independently in 2015, after her debut as an indie author in later 2014 with See Bride Run!


By Amy on October 22, 2015Heartfelt and Romantic!

Format: Paperback

“Just Married Again” is a sweet second chance romance. Michael and Maddy have been married for almost six years, but Michael’s workaholic tendencies put a strain on the once passionate romance. Eventually the situation came to a head and Maddy felt she had no choice but to walk way. After nearly a year of separation, the machinations of an old family doctor strand the couple in their cabin with Michael’s nephew and Maddy’s dachshunds. What follows is a heartfelt story of love and reconciliations. “Just Married Again” is well written, though at times the attempt at comedy falls a bit flat. I am a reader who loves angst and drama in my romance novels, and this one offered enough of both to keep me coming back to the end.

By Nocturnus on November 26, 2015

Format: Kindle Edition

This is a stand alone novel.

Michael is lost without his soon to be ex wife. He is working himself to death, not to mention drinking and smoking and eating only junk. If only she would talk to him… He could maybe win her back! Seeing his doctor and being told he is only days from death sends him scurrying up to his isolated mountain cabin (under doctors orders) to rest and relax and eat healthier. Will he be able to turn his health around? Or will he fall back into the pit of despair his wife leaving left him in? Will he be able to become a different person? Or is he too set in his ways?

Maddy is at a routine doctor’s appointment when her doctor suggests that she should spend Thanksgiving alone relaxing instead of accepting her friends’ pity invitations to spend the holiday with them. After “hearing” about her remote mountain cabin her doctor convinces her it would be the perfect place to spend a relaxing holiday pampering herself. Will she ever really get over Michael? Will she ever heal from the anger his neglect caused her? Will relaxing in a remote cabin help her come to terms with the finality of her upcoming divorce?

Take two people still madly in love with each other and add one meddling family doctor shake it all up with a blizzard and a remote cabin in the mountains plus two dauchshunds and you have one crazy funny recipe for an amazing HEA! I can’t wait to read more books like this 🙂

***This book is suitable for adult readers who enjoy second chances and cooky matchmakers in their contemporary romantic comedies with tons of surprises and chic lit leanings 🙂

By A Customer on April 20, 2003

Format: Mass Market Paperback

After finishing Hot Shot and New Attitude (which were a hoot!), I ordered all of Charlotte Hughes’ books on the internet. Some are just a riot and some are so ho-humm I want to kick myself for wasting my time reading the whole thing. This one is very funny and well worth the time!


By Alia on November 29, 2015

Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

They say we’ll never really know what we have unless we lose them, and this was what Michael had known to be true the moment his wife, Maddy, left him.

Drunk in desolation, he turned to smoking and unhealthy food so his friend-doctor advised him to take the day off unless he wanted to die early. Following that suggestion, he took off to the mountains to dwell on a cold thanksgiving. The minute he got there though, he was surprised to find that his wife was also spending her holiday in their cabin. Mistaking him for a delinquent, Maddy whacked him with a poker to the head. The moment he woke up, nobody expected everything would be different.

This chance encounter was what they needed to look back on the past and all the memories they shared, good or bad. Michael took it as a chance to redeem himself in hopes of winning Maddy’s heart back.

Playing cupid, Dr. Quigley is a nosy old man for a good reason. I really liked the “homey family sort of unspoken role play” they had up in the mountains, along with Michael’s nephew, Danny. The little scoundrel was also there to cheer on them.

The plot is totally relate-able to women with workaholic partners and perhaps we can all sympathize with the character’s dilemmas. Bittersweet and cozy, Just Married Again is another book you can add to your shelves. the humor, introspection, and the little bit of sexiness will surely hook you up page by page.

Sweet, sexy and humorous

By Kindle Konvert on November 25, 2015

Format: Kindle Edition

This novel was a sweet, sexy and humorous story.

A workaholic lawyer, Michael has been advised by his doctor to get away to his mountain cabin for a bit of R&R, otherwise risk making his health issues worse.

Said doctor, also suggests to Michael’s estranged wife, Maddy, to spend time in the mountain cabin to get away from it all over Thanksgiving.

When Michael turns up at the cabin, late at night, Maddy’s fears get the better of her and she hits him on the head, thinking he’s an intruder, and he wakes up with amnesia – not recognising who she is or his stowaway nephew, Danny.

The three end up being trapped in the cabin when a snowstorm strands them there. Michael’s amnesia disappears by the next morning, however, he keeps up the façade of memory loss and carries out a plan to win his wife back before they leave the cabin, again.

This story was an easy, quick read, with some heartbreaking moments as we witness Maddy’s hurt, and Michael’s regret and sorrow at his neglect of his wife, as well as some funny and some passionate moments.

**I received an ARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.**

Just Married Again by Charlotte Hughes



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