Just A Drop in the Ocean by Grant Leishman


Just A Drop in the Ocean by Grant Leishman

Just A Drop in the Ocean

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Two teenagers in the 1970’s start a relationship, as pen-pals, and soon have their futures together all mapped out, until that pesky, little,  thing called life, steps in and ruins everything.

Follow the separate, often painful, but always action packed lives of Teresa Mercado, from a tiny, farming village in the rural backwaters of The Philippines and Nick Stevenson, a successful accountant in Napier, New Zealand, as they seek that most elusive of dreams – happiness.

When both their lives have collapsed around them and driven them to their knees they attempt to return to that simple, uncomplicated love of their youth.

Can these two star-crossed lovers find each other in the new Millennium and fulfill their destinies? Finding each other again way well be as hard as finding just a single drop in the oceans that separate them.

Just A Drop in the Ocean celebrates the immense power of true love and answers the question – Do soul-mates really exist?

You can not help but be moved to tears by the pain and suffering these two lonely people must experience on their long, winding,  journey to finding each other again, in Just A Drop in the Ocean.

Revel in the power of true love as you read and enjoy Just A Drop in the Ocean.

About the Author

Grant LeishmanI am a 56 year old author who until three years ago, thought he was an accountant/journalist. I have found my true passion in life; writing and that will be my sole focus for the rest of whatever days the Universe has left to give me on this beautiful world. When I was a kid, I always wanted to be a writer, when I grew up – well, I’ve finally grown up!

I live in Manila, in the beautiful islands of The Philippines, with my adorable wife and two wonderful step-children. I like to believe I truly am #livingthedream.

My first novel is a fantasy, romance; The Second Coming, which explores the idea of Jesus Christ returning to save humanity from the brink, yet again, but this time in modern day Manila. The Second Coming is the first of a trilogy. The second novel; Rise of the AntiChrist will be available in December 2015 and the final book in the series; Holy War is my current Work In Progress.

I have also completed another book; Just a Drop in the Ocean, a romance that spans the decades and the generations. I am editing that at present and hope to self-publish it by December 2015.

I am a champion of the Independent Author and firmly believe that we ALL have a right to publish our ideas, our dreams and our fantasies. I absolutely love connecting with readers and other authors on Social Media and am always willing to help with anyone who has a question.

My contact details:

Email: grantleishman@live.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/GLeishmanAuthor

Facebook Author Page: https://www.facebook.com/AuthorGrantLeishman

Personal FB Page:f4

Website: http://www.grantleishman.com/

I can also be found on Google+ and LinkedIn and probably some other ones too – there seems so many.

My philosophy: CHOOSE TO BE HAPPY

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