Jumper Meets Bouncy by Rebecca Scarberry

Review of Jumper Meets Bouncy by Rebecca Scarberry

5.0 out of 5 stars My kids love Jumper, I love Jumper, too!, April 18, 2014

Jumper Meets Bouncy by Rebecca Scarberry

Jumper Meets Bouncy by Rebecca Scarberry


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This review is from: Jumper Meets Bouncy (Volume 3) (Paperback)

I’d like to personally thank Rebecca for creating this wonder Jumper the Red Ball series. My kids love her stories and I love her too!

Two nights ago, we finished reading the third Jumper book and my boys couldn’t be so much happier! Jumper was once again at the hands of Tony, his former real owner. Sometime ago, Jumper got mixed up with that of Emily’s . Both kids happened to have had similarly sized red balls and they can’t tell which one is which, so Jumper got interchanged with the other. But one day, at Woody’s Day camp, Jumper was happy when he got reunited with Tony instead of Emily. Soon, the kids & the balls went river rafting. Too bad Jumper went right into the river when he accidentally bounced off. This part is where my own two little boys go excited. They feared Jumper may never be found again. Good thing, the river guide was able to save him!

And then off they went to the zoo the next day. There, Jumper met a lot of friendly animals like the monkeys and Panda bear. And that is when Jumper finally asked for the name of Emily’s ball. The timid ball’s real name was Bouncy Brianna, but Emily called her The Beach Ball. Nevertheless, Jumper decided to call her Bouncy because the name definitely fit her.

Bouncy & Jumper had a close encounter with a baby panda. Again, my two boys felt agitated because they thought the baby panda might puncture them. Oh my silly boys, they actually covered their eyes while I was reading the story!
Anyway, back to the story, soon Bouncy and Jumper were rescued and off they went to see more animals in the zoo and in the Aquatic center. This is another one of my boys’ favorite scenes – when a shark was “coming right at Bouncy and Jumper”. Scary!!

I would love to tell more about the book, but I might be giving away the whole story, isn’t it? But to make the story short, my kids and I enjoyed Jumper’s story. He had gone a long way, and now he was accompanied by another red ball. My kids, Kyle & Kian, will forever cherish Jumper and Bouncy! Jumper Meets Bouncy by Rebecca Scarberry



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