Juju the Good Voodoo by Michelle Hirstius

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Juju the Good Voodoo

I am very excited to share with you my series of children’s books; “Juju the GOOD voodoo”, currently 6 books in the series.

In summary Juju is a special voodoo doll that comes alive with a “good deeds” spell so she can now spread goodness and show children how they can do  good deeds” as well.  Juju the GOOD voodoo is showing children that voodoo is NOT bad, it can be good.  It opens their eyes to seeing the positive in
things.  Juju then spreads “good deeds” to everyone and it always nice for kids to know goodness is spreading.  I myself have been through a lot of downs and have always seen the positive and knew my time was coming.  Juju has become a huge part and inspiration just seeing the smiles she brings to kids’ faces.  I may truly have something here with Juju.

I am very proud of the fact that in the short time of 3 yrs and only $168 in my savings;  I have sold close to 10,000 copies, I have been on local TV morning shows 5 times, numerous online and newspaper articles, received a “Proclamation of Recognition” from the city of New Orleans for my books, and many school readings.  The best is all the children’s faces when they meet Juju and I read her books.

Please, follow Juju on all her adventures on www.JujuTheGoodVoodoo.com, facebook.com/JujuTheGood, Instagram: Juju The Good Voodoo, twitter: @JujuGoodVoodoo and YouTube.
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About the Author

Michelle Hirstius


Michelle Hirstius was born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana, she calls herself a “NOLA girl through and through”. Growing up in New Orleans is truly unique and there is no other place like it. The music, food, art and culture!

Michelle has a professional background in sales, marketing, acting and management. She has been drawing since High School but it has only been a hobby.

Since Katrina, she has been through many struggles trying to rebuild her foundation and career. Michelle has realized there is no place like home and has gone back to her roots in New Orleans and her passion for drawing. Doodling one day, symbols of New Orleans, she had an image of a voodoo doll and Michelle instantly fell in love and named her JUJU. Michelle is very excited to bring Juju alive and tell her story of how Juju became “Juju the GOOD voodoo” and can’t wait for all her adventures.

Michelle lives on Northshore side of New Orleans with her Cairn terrier, Sassy.

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Format: Kindle Edition

I won this book on Goodreads and as I am a huge fan of anything Bayou related – my daughter and I just simply loved this book. The drawings were simply adorable and it left us both (my daughter and I) wanting a JuJu doll! Simply a lovely bayou story and I am sure it will be one of our favorites forever! Let me know if you ever start selling the JuJu dolls – WE WANT ONE!

Great lesson in spreading GOOD DEEDS ALL!!


By Denise Templeton on June 29, 2012

Format: Paperback

I got this book for my niece at an author signing and she takes it with her EVERYWHERE! She won’t leave the house without it and wants a gold dress and purple hair just like Juju! The story is cute, and educational if you think voodoo is all about evil. Ms. Hirstius has done an excellent job and we are all looking forward to sequels.


By MFalina on June 18, 2015

Format: Paperback

In one of the most creative, and frankly – cutest, children’s books around, author Michelle Hirstius and her adorable (character) Juju take children on an adventure. Written with whimsy and warmth, Juju becomes not only the doll that every child wants, but the friend they’d love to have as well. And although any child can relate to this heartfelt story, for the Louisiana children out there, it’s so nice to have a book that’s much more personal to them and their environment. This book will become an instant favorite among young readers…and adults find it pretty irresistible too!


Format: Paperback

I don’t know how I forgot to leave a review for this author!! The books are awesome!! Not only are they informative, educational, and well written, but they are adorable!! These books make great gifts for any occasion. I also love love love all the JuJu items including the JuJu doll! I highly recommend this author and book series to anyone … trust me, you will not be disappointed! Winner!!! Good JuJu for everyone! 🙂


By oscarina on June 16, 2015

Format: Paperback

We picked our Juju doll and book at the Louisiana Veterans Fair and read the book when we got home that evening. My Daughter, who will be three years old very soon, slept cuddling Juju for a week straight after and still hangs out and plays with her a month later. We love it.
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