Jonathon Munros by Ian J Miller


Jonathon Munros by Ian J Miller

Jonathon Munros by Ian J Miller

Jonathon Munros (First Contact Book 3)

Dreams of revenge are sweet, but the consequences are not, and there was plenty of revenge going around. Jonathon Munro rather pointlessly wanted revenge on his wife, while others wanted revenge on him. Prolonged revenge required a substitute, in this case an android programmed to be just like the original.

Jonathon Munro always tried to cheat the system, therefore so did the android. Jonathon Munro was inherently evil, therefore so was the android. Jonathon Munro had access to spyware that informed him of everything the authorities were doing, therefore so did the android.

One mistake, then there were androids. Multiple Jonathon Munros meant multiple revenge attacks, first on a number of people he disliked, then on those who tried to stop him. Worse than anything else, Jonathon Munro knew the secret of the Cydonian face.

Once that secret was exposed, a treaty that protected Earth from nearby aliens with far greater technology and who desired Earth would expire. The clock was  running, and unless the Jonathon Munros could be stopped, all civilization on Earth was at risk, either from the androids, or the aliens, or both.
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Authors Bio

Ian Miller is a semi-retired scientist who is married and lives in Lower Hutt, New Zealand. He took first class honours in chemistry, followed by a PhD from the University of Canterbury, and despite most of his working life being in the private sector his subsequent scientific work has led to about 100 peer-reviewed scientific papers, mainly on the structures of seaweed polysaccharides, energy from wastes and biomass, photochemistry, and theoretical science. He has also written about 35 other general scientific articles, and was on the Editorial Board of Botanica Marina between about 1998-2008. He has owned Carina Chemical Laboratories Ltd, a New Zealand private research company since 1986, and during this period he has embarked on setting up or helping new businesses based on chemistry, including the manufacture and uses of pyromellitates (a cursed venture) seaweed processing, the development of Nemidon gels ( and fuels through hydrothermal processing.

As result of a student bet, he completed one work of fiction, which quite rightly at first did not succeed, and when subsequently revised was unlucky, but now in later life he has returned to writing fiction. In semi-retirement he is now self-publishing ebooks, including scientific ones to present theoretical work that is otherwise not published, or futuristic science fiction.





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