It’s Not Cricket by Terry Ravenscroft

It's Not Cricket by Terry Ravenscroft

It’s Not Cricket

It’s Not Cricket by Terry Ravenscroft

It’s Not Cricket by Terry Ravenscroft, village cricket but in no way typical of that sedate and very British pastime. Even if you don’t like cricket you cannot fail to be amused by this book as the characters will be familiar from everyone’s own lives. The complex interaction between the characters blend to create a laugh a minute page turner! As is usual about Terry Ravenscroft’s books it is a bit rude, but never in a way that is at all offensive.

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Terry is one of those authors who will remain young at heart, with a glint in his eye, and a great sense of humour. Sometimes clean, sometimes a little raunchy. Whatever the storyline or joke – it is funny. His characters really are just that – great characters with their own quirks which we can all perhaps identify with. He really does sum up the quirks of sporting life in England at town or village level. He did it brilliantly with Captain’s Day, where we saw the officious pomp that goes hand in hand with golf. Football Crazy introduced the reader to the stereotypical but very funny personalities associated with the world of soccer.This book was no exception. Cricket is serious business indeed, and the lower the level, the smaller the town or village, the more it can border onto out and out war. I know, I have had to do the teas for a team. Suffice to say I did not try to compete and give them a banquet. They made do with banana sandwiches, and didn’t dare complain. Terry weaves a story regarding two rival teams separated by the smallest strip of water. The rivalry is intense at the annual local derby, with the attempts at cheating becoming more and more inventive. Memories are long, vendettas escalated at the merest of excuses. Yep – they come a close second in the silly-arse stakes to golfers.You have to feel sorry for the ex-international who naively decides to move to the area. His presence on any one team would give them a tremendous advantage, so both teams go all out (scuse the pun) to employ his services.
I won’t spoil the plot any further but it is slapstick at times, and would make a terrific Carry On film.Read more ›
4.0 out of 5 stars A Nice Way to Get a Laugh December 1, 2013
Format:Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase
This book is a great laugh and well worth the read. It does have a few errors in the Kindle edition with misidentification of where certain characters live, but it doesn’t take away from the story. The writer has passed his eighth decade and recently had some health issues while getting It’s Not Cricket ready so I forgave the errors. But it is still such a funny, quirky read, that the little faults don’t take away from the pure pleasure of the goofy characters.
5.0 out of 5 stars A good laugh November 20, 2013
By Spud
Format:Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase
It’s not cricket! By Terry Ravenscroft.
Just a friendly game between two clubs from the same Village?
This is a very funny look at the rivalry between two cricket clubs from middle England and how they make ex-England captain, Jonny Pickering’s life hell. The book builds up a full head of steam by telling historical anecdotes about how the rivalry grew between these two sides then Jonny becomes their target.
I loved the story of Piggy Higgingbottom, but every little story made me laugh.
Think of Terry’s writing as a cross between, Blott on the Landscape and the good life on crack, then you’ll get some idea of how funny this guy is.
Highly recommended
Jeremy Poole

Terry Ravenscroft


The day after Terry Ravenscroft threw in his mundane factory job to become a television comedy scriptwriter he was involved in a car accident which left him unable to turn his head. Since then he has never looked back.
Before they took him away he wrote scripts for Les Dawson, The Two Ronnies, Morecambe and Wise, Alas Smith and Jones, Not the Nine O’Clock News, Ken Dodd, Roy Hudd, and several others. He also wrote the award-winning BBC radio series Star Terk Two. He now writes humorous books, fifteen thus far with no signs of letting up.
Born in New Mills, Derbyshire, England in 1938, he still lives there with his wife Delma and his mistress Divine Bottom (in his dreams).
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