Interview with Ron Shaw author, radio host

The Yellow Bus Boys by Ron Shaw

The Yellow Bus Boys

Interview with Ron Shaw author, radio host’

Welcome to Ron Shaw, host of the Worldwide Ron Shaw show and author  of Seven Fish Tree and The Yellow Bus Boys

1)Who are your greatest support – who believes in you?

It took some thought to arrive at the obvious answer to this question.

My greatest supporters have become fellow authors and Indie-type publishers who I have been blessed to meet because of my radio show at I now consider many of them true friends. I hope they see me in the same way.

We share the same path. Each of us is trying very hard to carve ourselves a little place in the book wilderness to build a proper, lasting foundation. We understand the worth of networking, and in as much, we support each other.

My immediate family and closest friends continue to be solid in their support of my writing. But, it is a marathon and I fear many of them are sprinters. I cherish their support as I do my new friends that beaver-away at their dreams in words.

No one believes more in me than I do, but I tend to be the weakest in the long distance run.

My Worldwide radio show entitled The Ron Shaw Show has a subtitle The Shawshow Redemption Hour. It is a forum where my fellow invisibles can be heard and hopefully seen. This is a true statement and the foremost mission of my show. I think my show is different than others out there or at least many Worldwide have said as much

Here are just a few of the wonderful authors, musicians, and publishers who have been guests on my weekly, Monday evening, Internet, radio show at The Artist First Radio Network:

Annie Acorn (Annie is an author and Boutique Publisher. She can be found at, and , she is an extremely talented and popular boutique publisher, editor, and prolific author) she can be found everywhere in the social media universe; find Annie at Twitter @AnnieAcorn . Annie Acorn will return to my show next year in January and March.

Dorothy May Mercer (composer, music director, charitable works, prolific author, publisher, editor, musician, and well, everything that’s extremely cool) Dorothy May Mercer is a retired musician, busier than ever as president of two companies, writer and entrepreneur. She has published fourteen books plus a collection of articles, and is having a ball doing it! She and her husband have two lakefront homes in Michigan where they ski in winter and boat in summer. Hobbies are traveling, reading and playing the piano. Her first book, “Stories I Haven’t Told,” is autobiographical. The McBride Series books are good old-fashioned detective cop stories with new technology and great looking girls thrown in. “Leon and Esther” is an historical romance with Christian overtones, set in rural Michigan in the 1920’s.
The New McBride Washington Series is centred in the Washington D.C. metro area, with global repercussions. Mike McBride has changed professions and is now a crusading United States Senator. He has married his sweetheart, Juliette who now plays a starring role in Books two and three of the Series. The author is careful to make each story complete in itself, a full length novel, in the old-fashioned meaning of a “series” rather than the more recent type of series which never seems to end. 
Dorothy is a darling lady who gives back in every way imaginable. She can be found at Facebook, Twitter and through her ministries. Check her links out at the Artist First Radio Network and her books at Dorothy will return to my show soon.

Laura Sullivan (Laura Sullivan is a GRAMMY® winning composer and recording artist. Her original music has been included in the score of two Emmy winning documentaries, as well as in many popular television programs and advertisements for Fortune 500 companies. Her music publications are represented by BMI which holds more than 400 of her original compositions in her prolific artist catalogue.) Laura is a beautiful, young lady in all respects. She and her music can be found at and anywhere music is sold. She is on all the social media sites.

Author D.A. Grady (D.A. Grady/Storyteller is all about the tale and the telling). D.A. Dave Grady can be found writing great books in Texas. He has lived a very colourful life filled with as many stories as the west can hold. Dave can be found mist days at Twitter @dagsbnotes , at Facebook and at his Website where he helps his fellow authors be seen at 

Valerie Twombly (highly talented Paranormal Romance Author) Valerie can be found on all social media sites and she has a wonderful Website at

Walker A. White of Liverpool, England (Author of “Neglect, in search of Love” and “Rosemary’s Rainy Day” at

Two other wonderful people within the writing community are:

Michael Smith is a true, genuine friend of those of us who write books throughout the world. He works tirelessly and selflessly for others at from New Zealand. Mike is very hands on accomplishing many wonderful things for authors around the world at his site. He promotes creativity in others. I hope to have him on my radio show in 2015. Go to also find Mike hanging out at Twitter just use #ASMSG when posting and that’s beezeebooks. You will not meet a finer gentleman and friend than Mike Smith.

Merrie Housdon is another marvelous person that is there for us. Her Blog/Website is one of the most interesting sites to be found. She works long hours helping those who write books to be seen, and she apparently does it freely. Merrie will be on my show in a few weeks. Check her out at Twitter and all of the other social media sites where her Website can be found, Inspired Writers. Go there and she’ll feature you as well as your book. She is a dear.

2)    Where do you write from? e.g. Kitchen table? Study? Bedroom? Garden shed?

I write from my living room and kitchen depending on the availability of the family desktop PC. In the kitchen, I use the faster, large, desktop PC and then later upload what I have written into my laptop computer. When I use my, old, slow laptop, I write in the living room; literally in my lap. I create my ‘books’ in MS Word on my laptop

3)    Do you write at set times e.g. morning, afternoon, evening, very early morning4)    What motivates you to write

I tend to write best in the wee hours of the morning or late in the evening when I am by myself in the living room, and the girls have called it a night.

Characters usually awaken me with urgency as the chapters at hand spring into my mind. Mostly, I write in a linear style, but at times chapters will come jumping ahead of the plot. Sometimes, a character or chapter will demand I go back and do some work.

5)    What are the biggest distractions to your writing time?

The humans and pets around me who demand my time, attention, and immediate servitude will always kill the moment.

6)    What part of the world do you live in? .

The south; Snellville, Georgia

7)    Are you from there originally?

I’m a native Atlantan

8)    Have you ever suffered from writers’ block?

No, I have not. I suffer from others blocking my progress in the process of writing.

9)    How do you overcome it?

I try my best to write when alone or as nearly so as possible with wife and adult daughter here; early in the morning or late evening is ideal for me to write.

10) Have you taken any writers’ courses and have they been worthwhile?

Never, and I refuse to do so. I am a storyteller with passion. If I ever become purely a writer with daily word count demands placed on myself, I will hang up my index fingers for good.

But, if you ever see any of my books thicker than about two inches max then know someone is paying me by the word like the biggies.

Passion in what I am writing is what drives me. I simply tell stories in print.

11) Have you ever belonged to a writers’ group? And what value did you gain from it?

No, I fear no group would have me. If they did, security would bounce me from their presence rather quickly. I am in no way saying anything negative about those who belong to such worthy groups. It simply is not me.

12) Is self-publishing satisfying enough for you or would you prefer to be traditionally published.

I love the whole indie scene and could happily write this way. Traditional publishers are great, but their refusal to adapt is destroying some of them.

We can do it all on our own or with smaller, boutique publishers.

The big guns have excluded talent and so many of us for way too long.

The wizard is no longer behind the curtain. There is no curtain in this day of technology.

13) Have you ever tried to find an agent?


14) What would you expect an agent could do for you that you can’t do for yourself?

An agent would present my work to those who do not have my best financial or creative interests at heart. An agent would in essence promote others first and me second; ultimately, against myself to the uncaring in the long run, I think.  .

15) Do you think you can make a full-time career being an Indie writer?

No, I do not.  I write because I am compelled to. In fact, I get the greatest self satisfaction in giving away my books. Hey, I’m an old, retired man, and this is not really a career for me.

16) How long have you been writing?

Since October 3 or 4, 2013.

17) What drew you to want to write a book?

A near death experience or the most wonderfully, marvellous dream a human being could ever experience in my home on that date started this whole writing mission. I was instructed to write, and I have not stopped or even slowed down since.  .

18) From where did you get the idea for your latest story

My wife and I purchased a haunted, antique trunk from an estate sale years ago. It is occupied by a Victorian ghost named Mary. We still own the trunk, and apparently, Mary likes it here… I believe.

19) How did you go about  developing it?

Mary is the developer of her ghostly Tales. I am currently on Book III of the Mary’s Tales series.

20) What is your next project?

I am also writing “My Frozen Heart The Becky Davis Story.” It’s a nonfiction work about the Georgia lady who spearheaded enactment of Chief’s Law within the State of Georgia. Her story is very powerful and global in scope. Her law named after her dog Chief that was murdered with antifreeze has literally saved thousands of children’s lives as well as pets, and wild animals. Nationwide on average yearly 6,000 children die from antifreeze poisoning not to mention adults and animals.

21) What is the title of your book/s

I currently have two books available now at

Seven Fish Tree

The Yellow Bus Boys

Now available at and soon to

Transmutation: The Life of a Twisted Cop

Books coming soon through Annie Acorn Publishing:

Cramped Quarters: Mary’s Trunk (Book I of Mary’s Tales Series)

Cramped Quarters: Mart’s Journey Begins (Book II of Mary’s Tales Series)

The Yellow Bus Boy’s Go Blue: Canada Bound!


A special thank you to Ron Shaw for making this interview so interesting, I’ve still got several questions to ask Ron, so keep a look out for the next time.




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  1. Fantastic interview, especially answer to question #10. When you grab a book at night, if your goal is to fall asleep ASAP, then choose one written by a word-counter author. Want to get so wrapped up in a story that the book keeps you up all night, grab one by an author that writes from passion. A passionate author keeps the book open and the pages turning. Needless to say, Ronnie Shaw is a passionate author.

  2. Thank you Basil for your comment, yes Ronnie has the passion, most of the successful authors have that quality, that’s why they are successful.

  3. Question # 13 though a routine question but the answer was straight and bold. Overall interview is good and could have been improved by some related real life questions.

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