An Interview with Rebecca Scarberry

It’s my pleasure to welcome back author, Rebecca Scarberry,

@Scarberryfields on Twitter and the self-published author of seven books, written in four different genres: Messages from Henry (YA mystery), Rag Doll (thriller short story), Jumper (series of 4 illustrated children’s books), and Where Love Takes You (a transatlantic romance she wrote with British author, Francis Potts).


Q   Are you getting any rave reviews for the books you’ve self-published?


Rebecca: Yes, I’m blown away by the number of readers who’ve taken the time to read my books and post rave reviews. My children’s book series and the sequel to Messages from Henry (Where Love Takes You) have all 5 star reviews.  No, not all of my books have four and five star reviews, but a couple of them are currently free. It seems that free books get occasional bad reviews posted by what I call “Drive-by reviewers”. They haven’t read the books, they’re simply mean people. Well, that’s my rationalization and I’m sticken to it. Haha!


Q   Which books are free and getting “Drive-by reviews”?


Rebecca: My debut novella, Messages from Henry, is currently free on US Amazon and many other places. It has well over 100 rave reviews (posted on many sites), but some reviews posted on Amazon are not favorable. Rag Doll, my adult short story, has many rave reviews (posted on many sites), but it also has some negative reviews. It’s not a short story that readers can wiz through. The reader has to pay attention for it has many twists, some say worthy of O’Henry.


Q   How are sales going for your illustrated series of children’s books?


Rebecca: I’m very happy to say that I’ve sold many copies of the four book series in paperback. Most of the sales have been in person. I have many young children living on nearby farms. The parents and grandparents buy signed copies from me directly. Those people are not online and don’t post reviews. I’ve also sold the entire series to a few I’ve met on Twitter. After they read the books to the little ones in their families, they posted rave reviews.  Some reviewers have read many of the books in the series and posted rave reviews on their websites only.


Q  I’ve heard that you’ve written the script for one episode of the Jumper series. Where does this stand now?


Rebecca: Yes, I have. I’ll get the copyright from The Library of Congress January of 2015.  Several TV producers have read the script and they told me that once I get the copyright, they’ll talk about presenting a contract. I’m not out to get rich off of Jumper on TV. I plan to concentrate on getting Jumper on PBS. Most of the Saturday morning cartoons have been discontinued by the Public Broadcasting System here in the US, and children are upset. I’ve even gone so far as to write the head honchos of the Nielson Company. They survey people as to what they like to watch on US television. I told them more and better cartoons for young children are needed on television, per the young children I’ve spoken to. I didn’t tell them I’m an author, trying to get Jumper on television. They were very interested and thanked me for letting them know.


Q   Are you writing anything new?


Rebecca: Yes. A new story popped into my head a couple of weeks ago. I’ve only written three chapters so far and I’ve entitled the new book, The Truth Be Known.


Q   Will it be a full-length novel and what’s it about?


Rebecca: Yes, it’ll be a full-length novel. At this point in time, I consider it a mystery with a lot of suspense.  I’ve had several beta readers read the first three chapters and they’ve told me they can’t wait to read the book when it’s done. I’m not in any hurry to write it or publish it. I’m just enjoying the writing experience. It’s a story about a three-year-old girl named Chelsea. She wakes up on Easter morning to find that her mother has shot her father. He’s dead and the child is devastated.  Just like my short story, Rag Doll, this book will have many twists that will stun the readers. And like all of my other books, it’ll have a happy ending, but the readers will be shocked. It’s very difficult to write, for I’m constantly reminding myself not to give too much away in the beginning.


Q   I want to thank you for the very honest answers you’ve provided, Rebecca. Will you come back if and when you’ve published The Truth Be Known?


Rebecca: You’re welcome. I love this website. I think it’s wonderful how you’ve helped so many of us authors who’ve joined the support team you’ve created. Many of us are now getting more reviews, and we’ve learned how to market our works better. Yes, if I publish the book I’m currently writing, I’ll be back to tell everybody how it’s doing. Thank you.

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  1. Rebecca Scarberry has written and illustrated some of the finest children’s books I have ever seen. She is a very talented writer and she will be successful with her Jumper series when it is picked up by a station.––Cary Allen Stone

  2. Thank you, Cary Stone for posting such a wonderful comment. I’m so glad you love my Jumper children’s book series. I hope you’re right about my being successful in getting Jumper, the friendly red ball, on television. Once I get the copyright this coming January, I’ll be trying very hard to do so.

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