Illusional Reality by Karina Kantas

Illusional Reality

Illusional Reality

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Hi I’m Karina Kantas I live in Corfu Greece. I am a freelancer writer, an author of eight books. I’m a VA, narrator, and book trailer and promotional designer and when/if I ever have time, I like to sing.

Illusional Reality is a New-adult magical romantic fantasy. Now even though it is a fantasy, you will not find elves, fairies, trolls, wizards or hobbits, in this book.
What you will find is fresh original ideas, names and plot.
The story is about friendship, loyalty, sacrifice and love.
Becky is your normal advantage city girl. Her life and everything she knew as true is taken from her, when she is transported to Tsinia, a magical land on the brink of destruction.

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