They say Humor is The Best Medicine

I read a true story of a man who was diagnosed with terminal cancer and given only three months to live. Being a believer and thinking only positive thoughts, he decided that if he had only three months to live he would surround himself only with people who would be of a positive happy nature. He took to reading only happy enjoyable books and listening and watching only comedy shows, films, DVD's etc. He refused newspapers with all the negative stuff they are full of. He took to people with joy and laughter and they in turn did the same. He actually laughed himself to good health, overcoming the cancer through a mind change.
You may have heard similar stories, I know I have.

It was in the Readers Digest many years ago that I first read the column Laughter's the Best Medicine. There were always a few pages of humor and this was where I first turned to when I had a copy.

Life can deal out some awful stuff but, like the guy with cancer, isn't it better to look on the bright side?

I hope you enjoy reading some of the books we have here for your enjoyment.

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