How to Retire in your 30’s 40’s 50’s 60’s

How to Retire in your 30' 40's 50's 60's

How to Retire in your 30′ 40’s 50’s 60’s

My brother was 55 years old when he retired and I’ve heard of others retiring at 35 and some even younger.

Some of these early retirees could have gone off into the wild blue yonder and lived the next few years in a life of indolence, but few choose that road. It simply means they could have done if they had wanted.

My brother was different. Let me tell you a little of his story first, before I start to tell you how you too can do it if that is what you want.

At the age of 15 my brother took up an apprenticeship with the city council as a gardener tending the city’s parks and gardens. He stayed on, completed his apprenticeship, and over a period of 20 odd years had several promotions, working his way up through the ranks and ending up in the  parks and gardens costing department.

At the same time, in his spare time, he gathered in some part-time work as a private contractor doing lawns and gardens for a few domestic homes and one or two commercial enterprises. These kept him busy on weekends and during the long summer evenings.

He was in his late 30s when the government introduced a new rule to all local and national governing agencies. Under the new rule, all jobs had to be put out to tender meaning that private companies could now compete against local and national government for the work. In the past, these agencies had their own works departments and often ran way over budget. The Government wanted to see savings made and believed the private competition would do that, so saving the tax payers money.

When my brother first heard of this, he immediately resigned from his city council job and began the process of submitting tenders to local and national government agencies. He did not have much money, but over the years had built up some very useful contacts and was eventually able to get his foot in the door of a military training college for maintenance of their grounds. It was a major coup and the first of many large contracts worth millions of dollars.

Eventually he grew so big that he took on a finance partner. It was a good move as his new partner was a quite brilliant accountant, who had recently sold his own company and was looking for something to invest in.  He took over the finances, leaving my brother to look after the contracts, costing’s, tenders and staff.

Soon he began to make plans for his retirement and the age he decided upon was 55. By the time he did retire, he was employing over 130 gardeners and apprentices and had over sixty vehicles on the road, not including the tractors, other field vehicles, and equipment.

To reach his goal took years of hard work and long hours and the confidence to take risks in a very competitive field.

Unlike many who choose to retire and go on to other businesses my brother took up golf and community work and, with his wife, travelled all over the world and built a holiday home in Spain.

He created the lifestyle he wanted and today, at the time of writing this e-book, he continues to visit new places, holidays several times a year in Spain, plays golf and does a lot of community work.

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