How To Make A Guy Realize You Are The One For Him

How To Make A Guy Realize You Are The One For Him

How To Make A Guy Realize You Are The One For Him

How To Make A Guy Realize You Are The One For Him

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The women in this contemporary era need to use more up-to-date methods in attracting men and keeping their love forever.

Certainly, every woman wishes to meet a man who can accept them for who they are. And that’s part of what this book emphasizes on as well. But expecting men to fall at your feet because of your innate charms is not an easy feat if you do not have many positive attributes in the first place to entice them and make them yearn to meet you more often.

Being visual creatures, it’s always the overall appearance that makes them want to approach a woman. Then, the rest of the guesswork is left to the female to decide on the strategy she has to apply, in order to reel in the good male catch that has caught her eye. So, if a woman wants to land her Mr. Right, she has to ensure that her flaws appear less flawed in the eyes of her male target. What needs to be done to ensure your flaws are minimized and you emerge as a new age, confident woman is covered in comprehensive detail in this book whereby women can unravel the secrets of how men think and what makes women appear highly desirable to them.

For women of all ages and backgrounds, it’s never too late to improve your skills in dating and implement the ways to keep the passion burning in the relationship with your partners. Grab a copy of this transformational dating guide before your mind changes his mind about staying put in a stagnant romance!

About the author Titania Hudson

is a former dating counsellor who resides in Los Angeles with her husband and three children. Now, a self-published author, she enjoys nothing more than have a relaxing good read during weekends and thinking of new books to write on, which would come in useful for her targeted readers. With a degree specializing in Psychology and years of experience under her belt, she is familiar with the crises in dating and the various issues that crop up along the journey of dating and marriage. Blessed for being able to publish her books as a way of giving back to society, it makes her more than pleased to know that her readers are doing well in their pursuit of love after reading her books.

What Gave Her The Inspiration To Write Dating Books:

During my days of working as a dating counsellor, I came across a varied mix of couples, who upheld different values, beliefs and aspirations in life. Some couples were vexed over their seemingly irreconcilable differences, but they were determined to make their relationship work; others had it easier with their other half, except that they wanted to be mentally prepared to face any trials that may surface in the course of their courtship and/or marriage. Against all odds, every couple I met, had the intention to work out the kinks in the relationship. And in the course of counseling them, the intensity of emotions can be overwhelming at times, in particular, when both parties realize that despite their enthusiasm to maintain the status quo of their courtship or marriage, the lack of compatibility in terms of the elements playing a major part in their life makes it even more difficult for them to sustain the affection they once had for each other.

Seeing couples split up is definitely something I do not like to see while performing on my job and I think that couples need to have a clear understanding of what they want in a partner and not force themselves to accept one another ‘blindly’ in spite of the apparent faults and differences present in both individuals involved in the relationship. That belief led me to start thinking about writing a series of dating books to encourage all couples to adopt a practical yet healthy perspective of what love actually means to them.


By ic23 on January 27, 2015

How To Make A Guy Believe You’re The One For Him

For the past two years, I have been in and out of several relationships with guys who attracted me at first glance. But they stopped calling me or texting me after a few months and I can never figure out what was wrong with us? Was it me? Or was it the guy involved? Some dating books I came upon, were useful. Then, when I read through this ebook, which gave me detailed insights into my character, I realized that I needed to change myself for the better. It dawned on me that I was lacking in some attributes that I never acknowledged within me. My indifference to my outlook was also an area of concern I had neglected due to the pressure I was facing at work and my troubles with my ex-boyfriends. I really want to say a big thank you to the author for making me realise how I can make myself become a better woman and I would be more than happy to read this book again since the step-by-step approach makes it easy for me to follow the strategies included in the book. This is indeed a book which does what it says. It is a value added guide to women who are lost in the dating circle.

By Silvia on March 11, 2015

Verified Purchase

A female friend of mine recommended this book – looking at the title, I just had to read it. Despite what you might think, this book is not about tricks or anything like that. It’s about genuine ways to becoming an attractive women – physically and mentally. It shows proven ways to attracting a quality man into your life and step by step recommendation on how to go about doing that. Unlike many other guides, the strategies presented in this book are actually working long-term and are built on authenticity and honesty. If you’re single – give it a try!

By Izzy on June 3, 2015

Verified Purchase

I gave this book as a birthday present to my younger cousin sister, she really had low esteem and incredibly shy..By surprised her perspective transformed.. she’s herself and much more vocal to her opinions, which she met a man who’s very suitable for her taste, I guess this book uplifted her…Unlike a number of other guides, the methods presented within this book are really working and therefore it is built on authenticity and honesty. If you are single – try it out!

By Wendy Fitzy on May 31, 2015

Verified Purchase

I am impressed! Admit it or not, boys are hard to understand and this book is such a great help for women like me. I discovered how I can build interesting conversations with men without making them feel like a wimp. This book taught me how I can really understand male psyche and on how I can communicate using his lingo. This book will help us spice our relationship and will guide us on how we can truly attract men. Exceptional book!

By Jake on March 13, 2015

Verified Purchase

I got this book for my sister – the following are her comments……… I cannot but recommend this book very highly. Titania Hudson has written a brilliant book in a sensitive and understandable style. The book has helped me with my love life – just as promised in the title. The author writes with great conviction – and leaves the reader convinced with everything she says. Jake

By lilac on June 4, 2015

A good guide when you are a single lady/woman and is looking for romance.This book will give you tips on how to spot a man to become your prospective husband and eventually will lead to a blissful marriage.The tips will be useful to avoid pitfalls on your future marriage.An informative and comprehensive book by Titania Hudson.

By Wio on March 18, 2015

Verified Purchase

As a man, we appreciate books like this to help communicate means and ways for the women to understand what we want, without having to tell them (leads to fights lol). If you’re already with someone or in the market? Get this either way! Your man would love you for it. Well, just don’t abuse what you know.

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