Honolulu Hottie by Terry Ambrose

Honolulu Hottie by Terry Ambrose

Honolulu Hottie

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When a con man dies, no one cares…except his killer.Apartment manager Wilson McKenna’s day tanks when the cops accuse an old friend of killing a ruthless Honolulu scammer. McKenna hates to break the “no more amateur sleuthing” promise he made to his new girlfriend, but his buddy is desperate. He’s got no alibi. Made threats against the dead man. And, his gun was the murder weapon. Talk about a guy with big trouble.

McKenna turns to his private-investigator tenant, Chance Logan, for help. Too late, McKenna discovers Chance isn’t really a PI. Now, McKenna’s stuck with an investigation he doesn’t want, is mentoring a PI-wannabe, and hiding it all from his girlfriend.

A string of shattered lives—and suspects—lie in the dead man’s wake. Can McKenna and Chance find a cagey killer who’s always one step ahead? Or, will a dead con man ruin another life?

About the Author

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Terry AmbroseA painting of three snow-capped mountains titled The Three Sisters inspired Terry Ambrose to write his first short story as a child. The painting resided on a wall in the family living room. The story wasn’t the result of an intense literary urge, but an assignment for school. “The Great Spirit” was about how three sisters angered a powerful god, who then transformed them into mountains. While the story wasn’t the greatest work of fiction on record, at least his mom said she liked it. The experience was enough to end Terry’s creative writing efforts—until thirty years later when he tried again.

Terry’s first novel also met a quick demise, this time at his own hands. He never did show the book to his mom. Instead, he copied it to a floppy disk and tossed the disk into a drawer. Thank goodness technological advances finally made floppy disks obsolete and the evidence unreadable. However bad that first novel was, the writing process served as a wake-up call for Terry’s creative urges. Late in his thirties, a fiction writer was born, and he decided it was time to get serious about writing.

Balancing a job, volunteer work, and home life, Terry began working in earnest on another novel. This time, he sought out mentors to help him learn the art of writing compelling fiction. Terry’s debut novel, Photo Finish, was a 2012 Finalist in the San Diego Book Awards Best Mystery category. His first thriller, License to Lie, was a 2013 Finalist in the Best Action/Thriller category, and Con Game was selected as the 2014 San Diego Book Awards Best Action/Thriller.

In 2015, Terry headed up a project to raise funds to benefit literacy in Hawai‘i. The project involved organizing an anthology written by ten mystery writers with existing series set in Hawai‘i. The anthology is titled, “Paradise, Passion, Murder: 10 Tales of Mystery from Hawai’i.”

Much like his protagonist, McKenna, in the Trouble in Paradise series, Terry is a baby boomer, has a quick wit, and likes to follow a hunch.  He and his wife live in Southern California where they run their own small business.  He enjoys walking,  swimming, and writing, and to this day, has an aversion to snow-capped mountains

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