Her Master Match by Sandra S. Kerns


Her Master Match by Sandra S. Kerns

Her Master Match

Sandra S. Kerns author

Jonathan Smitt is running on empty when his old friend, Ace Masters, calls requesting help with his business. With his life in shambles since his wife dumped him eight months ago leaving him with three children and twin infants, his employer went bankrupt, and he just had to sell his house, Ace’s call seems like the answer to all his problems. Unfortunately, his dance with trouble isn’t over with. His wife’s lover calls with a cryptic message, insinuating misfortune if Jonathan doesn’t cooperate.
Visiting her best friend, Gina Masters, in Colorado, Nikki Bradford is enjoying a break from her career as a nanny. Although, it’s not actually a vacation. She’s taking time to figure out what to do since her last assignment ended sooner than expected thanks to her meddling father. She hasn’t made any decisions yet when Ace’s friend Jonathan Smitt moves back to town and needs help with his kids. Despite a less than friendly meeting, Nikki agrees to help. Jonathan Smitt’s redeeming feature is his love for his children. His devotion to them is obvious, almost as obvious as his low opinion of relationships. That’s not a problem for her. She gave up on romance years ago. She has no problem taking care of his children. At least, she didn’t think she did. With him calling to check every hour or so, maybe he doesn’t even trust her that far.
Can the two of them come together to save the family when someone threatens to take the twins? Will Nikki finally overcome the self-esteem issues her father instilled in her and find the strength to help Jonathan fight? Jonathan must recover from the betrayal of his wife and allow Nikki close enough to help, but at what cost?

Author’s Note

I really enjoyed getting back to Colorado with the Masters men while I wrote Her Master Match. The brothers have always thought of Jonathan Smitt as their little brother. Having him return home is almost as good as having their sisters back. Unfortunately, Jonathan’s return brings with it unexpected troubles. Trouble is the Masters Men’s specialty. Although the three of them are married now, they still enjoy bringing down the bad guys and they have their work cut out for them in Her Master Match. There’s also the little issue of helping Jonathan get back on the romance train. They want everyone to be as happy as they are, so they are always playing matchmaker.
I hope you enjoy the story. Jonathan and Nikki are special characters I’ve been working with for quite some time. I’m thrilled to introduce you to the two newest members of my Masters Menagerie.


5.0 out of 5 stars Exciting mystery/romance combo February 28, 2015
Format:Kindle Edition
So, I basically wanted to strangle the hero. I don’t care how much the last one hurt him – this new lady is entirely something else. Dude! Come on! Whilst needing this guy to stop taking stuff out on the heroine and just take hold of her, I was also quite intrigued by the unfolding mystery behind the goings on between his ex-wife and the lurking bad guy. I thoroughly enjoyed the pacing of this story – the way the two powerful plots intertwined and moved along together. The setting, with a contrast of strong and non-existent family support structures, was interesting. The range of characters included some vibrant, real-life children, who also added nicely to the setting for this romance. The hero ultimately did what I wanted him to do, so I’m happy now. My overall impression is that I need to look at the rest of the list of books by this author. She tells a good story.


5.0 out of 5 stars Kept me glued to the book March 1, 2015
Format:Kindle Edition
This was a very entertaining book. The author kept me completely engrossed in the story from start to finish. This was the first I had read of this author, and I was concerned that I might feel a little lost, entering so late into the series. I had no reason to fret; it was fantastic as a stand-alone story and has me hungry for more in the series. As a busy mother of 4, I was particularly impressed by the “less than glamorous” realism of the hero’s roll of single father of 5. This is the first book in which I’ve gotten to escape in a dreamy love story AND commiserate with a character’s infant-induced sleep deprivation, never-ending diaper-changing chores, and ringing ears from incessant child-chatter. Not only that, but we were treated to a perplexing mystery with a rather explosive, nail-biting conclusion. Talk about a book having it all!

5.0 out of 5 stars Ladies, we must save this man….. March 1, 2015
By Eeva
Format:Kindle Edition
Sandra Kerns is a very entertaining writer. This latest book had me engrossed in the story from the get go. I find myself shuffling between being pissed at Jonathan and wanting to help him out of his misery. I can understand how a man going through his kind of misfortunes can feel jaded and weary of other women. Will he let Nikki help him when more trouble comes his way, courtesy of his ex-wife? Will Nikki find the courage to get past her own issues to be there for Jonathan? A fast paced and romantic story, just like all her books.. with characters who will grow on you. In real life, i’d have run away from a man like Jonathan… He would’ve been too complicated for my tastes. But in the book, he’s just crying to be saved! Save him ladies! Love it.

5.0 out of 5 stars A great love story with an excellent ending! March 2, 2015
Format:Kindle Edition
Sandra Kerns has an awesome catalogue of books and this book only adds to it. The author has put together a great story with very detailed characters with real personality’s, especially Jonathan, you wont know if you should be feeling annoyed with him or if you should be feeling sorry for him. The book is fast paced and is a great love story with an excellent ending. Would highly recommend.
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