Harvest Moon: Lunar Tides by Rudy Alleyne

Harvest Moon: Lunar Tides by Rudy Alleyne

Harvest Moon Lunar Tides by Rudy Alleyne

Harvest Moon Lunar Tides by Rudy Alleyne

 Wecome to Harvest Moon Lunar tides.It is at this point where he finds out from this mysterious young lady, whom refers to herself as Avalon, that Jenna was whisked away by a stranger without protest or any signs of a struggle.  Devastated that his girlfriend left him behind for another man, Jeff becomes inexplicably drawn towards Avalon and her allusive yet innocent nature; leaving him to wonder about the reasons behind Jenna’s sudden disappearance.

 Taking him by the hand, Avalon drags Jeff into a world of intrigue that lay beneath the oblivious streets of the fishing community he has always called home, into an adventure which changes his life forever – revealing to Jeff a level of understanding that many cannot even begin to fathom within their brightest realms of fantastic dreamscapes, or even within the darkest reaches of their nightmares.  Unveiling a level of comprehension that there is much more to the reality he has been living comfortably in, that is up until now!

Now Jeff has to traverse worlds separated by a proverbial two way mirror which may soon be shattered by a terrible threat lurking under the waves from which the surface folk of Hallow Bay make their daily living.  Can Jeff completely trust a woman whom he suspects may not be as human as she appears to be?  Will he be able to find Jenna, unharmed, and the answers he seeks from her?

And what reasons could she have for leaving Jeff behind in the lurch so suddenly, and without any warning, with the stranger, J’zel; a man that Avalon seems to share a close connection with? Join Jeff as he delves below the languid waters of the harvest moon and explores a mystery of supernatural proportions that would stretch the quantum boundaries of time and space.

Welcome to one of the many untold stories of the multiverse which remain hidden from view but resides deep within the subterranean levels of the mind’s eye.  Welcome to Hallow Bay: Population – 7 billion and growing…

Author’s Bio

Rudy Alleyne, born and raised in The Bahamas since 1983, has lived in Florida for over a decade with his loving wife of three years now.  He came over to the States at the age of seventeen in 2001 to further his education; with ambitions of becoming a medical physician.  Graduate of St. Leo University and The University of South Florida, Rudy has a Bachelor degree in Biology and Criminology but has always had an interest in Astrophysics and Cosmology as well.  Recently he was working on a Public Health Masters in Global Communicable Diseases but that had to be put on hold when his uncle,

The Late Don Antonio Alleyne, was diagnosed with colon cancer in 2009 – to whose memory Harvest Moon has been dedicated (R.I.P. Uncle Don). Rudy’s favorite authors are; Doyle, Crichton, Vern, Poe, Brown, King, Stoker and Rice.  Rudy’s philosophy: there’s always something new to learn each day and hope isn’t quite as dead as some may think.
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