Go Paleo the French Way by Rachelle Jolie

Go Paleo the French Way

Go Paleo the French Way

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Busy people’s essential Paleo grubs cookbook of 80 lip-smacking, quick-fixing and inexpensive French cuisine recipes

A cookbook of 80 neatly categorized and easy-to-locate recipes, with each and every one of them illustrated, how does that sound to you?

Unlike some cookbooks that showcase hit-and-miss dishes that are mostly untested, or dishes of “elementary-school” level, this book offers you a variety of proven, feasible and delicious recipes.

In addition, you get all your recipes right at the beginning of this cookbook, with NO craps of theories or personal stories inside. The step-by-step instructions provided are easy to understand and follow.

You will be thrilled by how convenient it is to do a fast search in this cookbook for your desired recipe. You don’t have to flip through page-by-page to get to it.
Look inside and get amazed right away…

To sum it up, in this cookbook you can find:
• locating 1 recipe out the 80 inside is incredibly quick and convenient;
• all the recipes can be easily made out of your busy day and within budget;
• the Paleo ingredients listed inside are easily found available and affordable in your local stores;
• 80 quick-fixing recipes spanning across all types of meals supported with crystal clear step-by-step instructions;
• your favorite recipes right at the beginning, with NO craps of theories or personal stories inside;
• lip-smacking French cuisine Paleo recipes that emphasize pure flavors, balanced ingredients, and easy cooking methods;
• and much, much more…

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About the author

Rachelle Jolie is a lover of all things beautiful who is passionate in traveling and culinary. She has never stopped trying new things!

Because of her pursuance on living a stress-free and meaningful life, Rachelle has been constantly invited to old folks home and other charity organization to share her recipes.

In her free time, besides her unstoppable craving of traveling and cooking, Rachelle also loves to write, jog and keep her two dogs entertained.


Verified Purchase

In my humble opinion, the recipes in a good cookbook should contain instructions that are easy to understand and follow. In this regard, I believe this book to have succeeded in that aspect. The instructions provide enough details for a relatively new chef to follow but not so much that you get lost in all the extra info.

On top of that, the recipes are also well organized (which makes it easy to find a specific recipe) and cover a wide range of dishes.

All in all, I’d say this book is a good buy and would definitely recommend it to others.


Verified Purchase

I love the easy to follow step-by-step instructions in the recipe book! I also like the way the writer categorised the recipes into “Soup”, “Dips”, Salads”, “Meat” and “Dessert”, which makes it easier for me to find the recipe I want. It even have one category on eggs (my favourite!) on its own. Most of the ingredients listed in the book are easily available in the grocery store.

The book is easy to read, organized and overall these delicious recipes are easy to prepare. So glad I purchased the book and yes, I would highly recommend it.


If you are an adventurous cook and love varieties of recipes, Go Paleo the French Way will be your call. Apart from the benefits of having Paleo Diet, you will have a good glimsp of the French cusinie. If you are throwing a party or inviting your friends to your home for dinner or any meal gathering, you need to have this book as the author has nicely provided different kinds of recipes from Soup to Sauces and Dip to Salads to Seafood and Meat dishes.


Verified Purchase

This book is really a steal for its price. 80 over awesome French recipes explained simply and clearly in a single book. The best part is all these recipes have a very romantic French touch to them. Perfect to cook to impress your loved one as well. My favourite was the soup and dessert section. Moreover they are healthy and easy to make also. Great cook book!


Verified Purchase

I actually bought this book for trying on the French paleo cuisine recipes, hoping to find a new recipes for my family daily meal. I am glad it is very useful to me. Among all, lemon and lavender chicken win the heart of all my family members. As for my children, they love the classic mushroom omelette very much! Thanks Rachelle Jolie for creating this book!


Verified Purchase

Bought this book because I have always been curious about French cusines and totally no idea how to prepare French food, especially dips and spread. Was very surprised by the generous number of recipes this book offers. Love the garlic soup and all recipes made from tomatoe and pumpkin. Really an awesome cookbook!



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