Get out of My Dreams by Allan J. Lewis

Get out of My Dreams by Allan J. Lewis

Get out of My Dreams

“Get out of My Dreams”

is a Psychological Thriller with a difference. The US Government knows they have a very dangerous rogue hypnotist roaming the streets of California. He can get into people’s minds and then their dreams, where he hypnotise them in their sleep to do his bidding. The FBI named him “The Magic Man”  because he got into one persons dreams and found out they had killed someone and framed another person for the murder. The magic man had hypnotised the killer and told them to go to the police and make a full confession. They did, and an hour later they came out of their trance asking how they got there, and then claiming they are innocent.
The CIA and Homeland Security sees the magic man powers as a threat to the US, and wants the magic man eliminated. The FBI sees the magic mans powers as a weapon to fight crime, and wants the magic man as part of their team.

About the author

I am a 75-year-old retired coalminer and “Get Out of My Dreams” is my first book. to find out more about me and my book, please visit my website:

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By gayle pace on January 21, 2014

Format: Kindle Edition


What if someone could get into your dreams? Possible? The book was an interesting read, the characters each had their own personalities. They were sort of a boring group, rather self centered. None of them are very easy to like.The story was based in California. The author used a lot of British slang which is a little strange that the story is in California.I kept trying to figure out who Joe was. Who was Joe? Just imagine if someone could creep into your private dreams and then using your dreams to control you. Scary and creepy, isn’t it? The Magic Man can take you on erotic thrills and then he gets satisfaction from it. You wake up the next day and go about your way until The Magic Man decides to slip into that mind again and do his bidding. Afterwards you would not know where you were or what you’d been doing. It was like you were in a trance.

Frank Brubaker was looking for him as some people see him as a danger to the security of the nation. Others, such as the FBI see him as a way to solve crimes that don’t seem to be solvable. The police are after him for both reasons. Some think he should be killed, that he is that much of a threat. The police didn’t really believe the stories they were told by those who had been invaded. Even if they caught him, what would they charge him with.? They called him the Dream Walker. Had the Magic Man gone too far when he got into Alice and John Timberlake’s dreams?

They author wrote a rather creepy but interesting story about dream invasion. What if this could really happen? Would you be afraid to go to sleep at night? It does make you wonder. I had only the one problem with the book and that was mixing British slang and words into a California setting.Read more ›

By E. Griffin VINE VOICE on February 2, 2014

Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

Get Out of My Dreams is a truly odd mix of the supernatural, crime solving, and very light porn. The supernatural comes into play because the main character, Joe, is able to leap into people’s dreams, and get into their heads and thoughts. The crime solving comes in as the FBI and Homeland security is interested in Joe as either a team member or a threat. Joe and one of his dream friends participate in some crime solving to show that he’s a good guy and to build her career. And the light porn comes in with what Joe has people do in their dreams. The dreamers mostly enjoy it, except for an unsettling feeling of not understanding what was happening.

Get Out of My Dreams is a very different story. I wasn’t sure I enjoyed it, but also felt compelled to read to the end. Most importantly, I believe AJ Lewis May be a talented writer, and it will be interesting to see what his next book brings.

By Basetrojan on October 10, 2014

Format: Kindle Edition

I found this to be an original and thought-provoking supernatural thriller. Once into the book I felt it cracked on at a good pace and I found it hard to put down. There is some very good writing here, I particularly liked the Snow White & Seven Dwarves episode and feel this could have been exploited more (along with Robin Hood sequence). Is it possible that someone can invade your dreams and control your will? After reading this I’d say so, but is so perhaps we’ll never know. The reason I didn’t give it five stars is because as the story progressed the pace seemed to slow, but that’s just me.

By Suzi Tanner on January 3, 2014

Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

This was a great book that I honestly thought was a great idea but would be quite scary if it was real. The only reason I gave it 4 stars was that the author wrote in as if it was set in the UK with the way the characters talked but it was really set in California. Otherwise it read great, has interesting characters and it took me awhile to figure out who Joe was. It’s nice to read something that you can’t quite figure out right away. Also loved it because it’s set in a place I actually lived once 🙂

By Amazon Customer on January 2, 2014

Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

I reviewed this book for the author and I actually liked it although it’s not my usual genre. Someone sneaking into your dreams and controls you through them? Ok, you have my attention. My only issue really was that although this is set in California, I thought the characters were transplants from England the way they use phrases. A little off putting but once I could *translate* it, I was good to go. This author can go far. Keep it up!!

By Julie Elizabeth Powell on July 16, 2014

Format: Kindle Edition

This story was different, its concept unusual and clever. The idea of being able to be part of another’s dreams and to control them is intriguing – the powers that be of course wanting to use it as a weapon (nothing new there then).

I don’t want to give away too much but will say that this is a well written piece with the basis of a good idea.

Worth a look for those who like something different.

By Jeffrey Miller on January 7, 2014

Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

I thought the premise behind this book was quite imaginative: someone could enter your dreams and take control over your life. The story is plausible and entertaining enough to keep you enthralled and engaged to the very end.

Jeffrey Miller,
Ice Cream Headache

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By susan owen on February 23, 2015

Format: Kindle Edition

i read this book on my kindle, and enjoyed it so much that I bought the paperback edition for my husband for Xmas. It was only when I saw my husband reading the book that I realised, how true the book cover and title was to the story. Quite often a book cover has nothing to do with the story. I found this book title and the photo of the mysterious figure in the background tells the story. You have only to read the first few chapters to realise that the ghost like figure, with the hypnotic stare is joe the Magic Man, who’s gift of reading minds hypnotising them and the creepy and weird way he enters people’s dreams. The book cover is like that advert. ” it does what it says on the tin”
My husband and I had many discussions as he read it and we found ourselves constantly looking at the book cover and wondering what it would be like to have those powers. The story is based on the powers of “joe the Magic Man “. The FBI, Homeland and the CIA are afraid of Joe’s powers,and they want him dead. They don’t know if he is old or young. They think he might be a doctor with extraordinary hypnotic powers or someone with a brilliant mind that is wheelchair bound, or just you’re American Joe. Joe goes about the task of proving that he can help the FBI and the powers to be.
We found the story unusual and very interesting. It keeps you trying to guess who Joe is. And near the end of the story Joe reveals himself to the readers, and how he gained his gift, and it explains how his weird dreams can help him become a crime fighter.
A real entertaining story and I can see a series of “joe the Magic Man” coming out in the future. Who knows, someone might make it into a TV SERIES .
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