GERMINATION by G. L. Sheridan

Germination by G.L.Sheriden

Germination by G.L.Sheriden

GERMINATION by G.L. Sheridan

No-one can escape a hangman. It’s a persistent and indestructible android assassin that tracks an individual’s DNA – and it’s after Clove. He’s forced to seek refuge on his mother’s ship. 
After shaking off the hangman by taking a crazy spiraling route through space, they end up in a wild and woolly part of the galaxy, where they make a rare discovery – a habitable world.  
Readings indicate the only life is vegetation. But evolution has thrown a wild card here, coming up with a totally new life-form. All seems well, until Clove’s carelessness upsets the eco-system, threatening the native people’s way of life. 
Can he correct the damage he has done – and will he survive the arrival of the hangman?


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Laura has written sixteen novels, around eighty short stories, eight plays and a dozen articles, five of which have been published – one in Yours Magazine, two in the National Association of Writers’ Groups magazine and two in Practical Family History. She has won prizes for her short stories, including a first prize of £250 presented at the Manchester Literary and Philosophical Society by Bernard Cornwell. She was shortlisted in the L. Ron Hubbard ‘Writers of the Future’ international quarter-finals in 2004 and had a science-fiction story published in Mslexia.

She has been an English teacher for most of her career and still works, part-time. She is Editor of Pennine Ink Magazine, Secretary for the writing group of the same name, Vice-Chair and Competition Secretary for Burnley and District Writers’ Circle – and she runs a monthly reading group at her local library.
  • First prize for Aunt Philomena’s Last Request (Write Radical Short Story Competition)
  • First prize for Give a Man a Fish (Manchester Literary and Philosophical Society Short Story Competition – prize presented by Bernard Cornwell)
  • He wished he’d never gone to Blackpool – poem (Kent and Sussex Poetry Competition)
  • Turning Point – story – commended (Chester Literary Festival)
  • Shortlisted in the L. Ron Hubbard ‘Writers of the Future Contest’ international short story competition
  • The Baker’s Son – third prize in the Sherston Poetry Festival
  • I have also come first in local short story competitions several times.
Stories and poems:
  • Lancashire Italians published in Practical Family History
  • Casa Nostra article published in NAWG magazine
  • How not to write a novel article published in NAWG magazine
  • Just Like Us sci-fi story published in Mslexia
  • I Piedi di Mia Mamma poem published in Mslexia
  • Five sci-fi stories published on Wordshack (internet showcase site) for several years at no charge. (I’ve just had a look and they’re still there)
  • Extinction of the Fittest – poem published in Orbis
  • Demon Ted published in Oxford University Press anthology ‘Scary Poems to Make You Shiver’
  • Dino-mate published in Scholastic anthology ‘Dinosaur Poems’
  • The Dinosaur Chef and A Leap Too Far published by the BBC in their RAW anthology
  • Other poems published in various small press magazines
GERMINATION by G. L. Sheridan
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