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Thank you for visiting General Fiction Books Some times it's difficult to see what category a book is best suited for, here you have a selection of quite diverse range of books to choose from. We hope you find something for your reading enjoyment. Please click on any book cover to see all the information that we have on the book and the author. An sample of a General fiction book Red Clover by Florence Osmund Posted on May 26, 2015 Red Clover by Florence Osmund Imagine feeling like an outsider. Now imagine feeling like an outsider in your own family. The troubled son of a callous father and socialite mother determines his own meaning of success after learning shocking family secrets that cause him to rethink who he is and where heʼs going. In Lee Winekoop’s reinvention of himself he discovers that lifeʾs bitter circumstances can actually give rise to meaningful consequences. About the author After a successful career in corporate America, three-time indieBRAG honoree Florence Osmund retired to write novels. “I like to craft stories that contain thought-provoking plots and characters with depth and complexity—particularly ones that challenge readers to survey their own values,” Osmund states. Florence lives in the great city of Chicago where she continues to write novels, other books includes Daughters Regarding Anna and The Coach. Website: Facebook: Twitter: LinkedIn: Goodreads: Reviews 5.0 out of 5 stars Finding his own way March 30, 2014 By Charles Bray Format:Kindle Edition This incredible book is very much character based, and Florence Osmund is a brilliant wordsmith, who paints such a rounded picture of each one that the reader feels he is in the book with them. The central character is Lee Oliver Winekoop, who is undoubtedly moulded by the complex characters within his family. His emotions are beautifully described, and so understandable that a strong empathy is quickly built with the reader. Lee is a true victim of serious wealth and a clear example of the cliché, money can’t buy you love. His family may be awash with the stuff, but it is no benefit to him as a child, and he is not adept at dealing with it as an adult. What he really suffers from is a dearth of love, with no real idea of why that should be. Lee’s journey through life, and the obstacles that it throws at him, is the very essence of this book. Florence Osmund writes at a perfect pace, and with a very pleasing style, and once you pick up this book, you will find it hard to put down.
southern-comfort western novel

Southern Comfort $0.99


Beginnings $0.00

The Opposite of Living

The Opposite of Living  $2.99

Dark Sandwiches

Dark Sandwiches $12.95

Memoirs of a Girl Who Loves God Kindle Edition

Memoirs of a Girl Who Loves God $0.99

Literary E Clectic The Change

Literary e-clectic The Change by Adam J. Williams (Author, Editor), Arik Skot Williams (Author), C.N. Coats $2.99

Senior Prank by Tom Bunevich

Senior Prank $2.99

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