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Frozen Webs, by Lynn Lamb

Frozen Webs,

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The Survivor Diaries- Book IV

Who did this to us?

If you aren’t ready for the answer, then you don’t want to hear the next part of this story. Please trust me. If you have come across this diary, this transcript of truth, close it now—burn it—or risk a tear in your soul that can never be repaired.

You’re reading on? Really?

One last try—things are about to get dark—very dark.

Remember—you’ve been warned!

Lynn LambDid you ever wonder how you would survive a global nuclear apocalypse? Lynn Lamb imagined it into existence on the written page!

Lynn Lamb is the author of the post-apocalyptic Survivor Diaries Series of novels and The Oxymoron of Still Life, a Short Story Anthology with a twist on life, dying, and death. Lamb was inspired by the characters in her hometown of Monterey, California. Lamb is also an independent filmmaker and scriptwriter. Her dream is to produce the Great American Documentary.

The Survivor Diaries Series explosive novels have made a big bang in the post-apocalyptic genre scene. Be on the lookout for more Lynn Lamb titles, coming soon!

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Top Customer Reviews

Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

I cannot wait for the next book! Coming in the spring I believe! (2016) This book had so many twists and turns in it! Just when I thought I had things figured out another surprise came. This story should come with a trigger warning as it contains a bit of abuse, I won’t give it away and say from where, but if you suffer from PTSD or sexual abuse then tread lightly. Overall a wonderful story and I cannot bring myself to start another series yet, my heart is still with Laura and all of her people!


Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

Absolutely loved this book. It is the best one yet. Lots of surprises and plot changes. I was fooled completely. I was really angry at some of the characters. It’s scary to think that this could actually happen ( I sincerely hope not) Now we wait for the next adventure


Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

So many spelling and grammatical errors in m Fire copy that I had to knock off a star. Also, there was a failure to follow through on your theme of “found” diaries and notes. Nothing really wrapped up a really good story. I still enjoyed it and it kept me going for several nights. Keep plugging. It’ll get better.


Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

a must read. im so happy i read this four book series. One og the best apocalypse stories I have ever read. No monsters or walking dead. Just what could happen and the fight to survive humanely. Great great read. Kufos to the author. Lynn Lamb, you did a splendid job!


Format: Kindle Edition

The fourth book of Lynn Lamb’s Survivor Diaries series take a dark, and rather unexpected turn. Although based in a post-apocalyptic setting, the real evil here is from people rather than environment or mutations. The violence one character enacts upon another mimics, in a way, the over-arching story of the violence perpetrated on the country. I can’t say I enjoyed reading this book, but I can say that I understood why that part of the story had to be written. Ms. Lamb’s writing skills continue to improve with each of her books, and her story and characters are intriguing and engaging. It’s nice to read PA stories peopled by “real people” who wrestle with real-life decisions, with good and bad outcomes. I look forward to the next book in the series!
I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.


Format: Kindle Edition

I wish there was a higher rating to apply! Lynn Lamb really rockets out of the gate with this new book! Frozen Webs is everything (and more) that I was expecting from Ms. Lamb, and if you have not read the entire series you don’t know what you are missing! I am anxiously awaiting the book V..and if truth be told..I hope this series never ends! Would be a terrific t.v. mini-series. Thanks Lynn Lamb!!!


Format: Kindle Edition

The newest book in the Survivor Diaries series did not leave me disappointed, except that now I have to wait for the next book! Frozen Webs takes a darker turn than the other books in the series, which only adds to the suspense and intrigue. The characters continue to grow and develop as they face their greatest obstacles and most difficult decisions yet. If you haven’t read this series yet, what are you waiting for?


Format: Kindle Edition

An amazing series written by an author that knows exactly how to draw you in from the moment you pick up Book 1. I’m addicted to this series and don’t know how I’m going to make it until Book 5 comes out. Lynn Lamb really knows how develop a story line and keep things exciting. Get ready, things are going to change and it’s NOT what you think, I promise! A must read.



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