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Frosted Blood

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In the near future where ancient enemies sit on the brink of war, seventeen-year-old Michael Saxon carries a powerful secret inside his DNA that both sides will do anything to acquire.

When he was just seven years old, Michael’s parents, scientists at a questionable private military contractor called Enbright, vanished without a trace and left Michael a small crystal. Haunted by nightmares, Michael is desperate to discover the truth about his parents and is convinced the crystal holds the key.

Following high school, Michael accepts an internship at Enbright, despite his reservations, and puts his unique skills to work helping locate an energy source for the company. But soon Michael and his young coworker, Emma, discover Enbright is hiding an even more powerful energy source in the form of four apple-sized crystals—and two rival ancient societies will stop at nothing to acquire it for themselves.

As romance blossoms between Michael and Emma, they must navigate the lies and deceit that lurk around every corner if Michael is to discover the secret of his identity and prevent a world war. But is he ready for the responsibility that comes with knowing the truth?
Larry Pellitteri grew up writing and illustrating his own short stories, and created his debut novel, Frosted Blood, for his two boys who inspire him on a daily basis. He currently resides in northern California with his wife and sons and enjoys hiking, biking, and simply being in the great outdoors.

About the Author

Larry PellitteriLarry Pellitteri grew up writing and illustrating his own short stories, and created, Frosted Blood, for his two boys who inspire him on a daily basis. He currently resides in northern California with his wife and sons and enjoys hiking, biking, and simply being in the great outdoors.


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It is so refreshing to read a work which is well thought-out and avoids getting over detailed in it’s descriptions of motives, actions & places. The overall plot is well done with high tech weaponry, and all sorts of interesting events taking place. We get a sense of movement and, when things get complicated, the pace picks up to end with a shattering climax. One fun thing I like is how this story weaves together various elements of folklore (think Mount Shasta, Atlantis, Mayans, Vlad) and superstition in new and interesting ways. The book moves along nicely. The character of Michael grows and develops over the course of the book. He’s not static, and his relationship with Emma and the establishment of Jeremy as the potential spoiler of that relationship is very entertaining and creates good tension. I look forward to reading sequels to this work.


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Frosted blood sucked me right in and was action packed from beginning to end. A very original twist over traditional vampire stories. I can’t wait to share this with my 15 year old granddaughter and 17 year old son. I was especially satisfied with the happy ending that leaves you with plenty of sequel potential. There is also a great moral lesson about tolerance. All in all a great read that I highly recommend.

Michael is a young man who lost his parents on his 7th birthday. They disappeared, leaving only a small crystal as a clue. When he was returned to his home the evening of the disappearance, the house was ransacked, and neither he or the sheriff who had taken him home had any idea as to the why of both the disappearances and the home invasion.

Michael found himself living with his ‘grandparents’, friends of his parents from their church, until he graduated from high school. Upon graduation he was hired as an intern by the Enbright Corporation, the same company that had employed his parents prior to their disappearances. Once he accepted the job, his whole world was turned upside down. In a very short period of time, his grandparents die, he meets a girl he thinks he can really like, and his hope to discover more about the crystal he received from his parents seems about to be realized.

The major problem I had with this book involved time. I couldn’t quite figure out what part of the day, month or year Michael was actually experiencing. On one page it implied that he had taken quite a bit of time off from work and the next sentence stated it was Monday, and implied that only a weekend had pasted. I felt that I lost time along with Michael and the continuity of the story was broken.

Also had a hard time investing in the characters. Christopher, Michael’s friend, was a major player in the story, but I felt that the author hadn’t given me any real reason to care for him, so when he was threatened, and threatening, I didn’t feel like I wanted him saved.

All in all, the story wasn’t bad, but since I wasn’t caught up in the characters’ lives or feelings, I won’t be following this author.

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I really enjoyed this book. It got my attention from the start and there was always something going on. The cyborgs were interesting as I have been reading about transhumanism and scientist’s work to put DNA into animals, and make robots as human as possible. The plot flows really well from one subject to the next and you can see everything connect. “Father Radu” comes across to me as a Jesuit and I will let other readers decide why. Some of the ideas in the book could very well happen in the future and a few are closure to reality than I think the majority of the populace realize. All in all a very interesting book and the way the book ends, I will be waiting for a sequel. Anyone interested in science fiction should like this book.


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Frosted Blood is a great read! The characters are interesting and quickly developed. I like how the author used elements of folklore to draw us in. There seems to have been a lot of research that went into the writing of the book. While it is a suspenseful fiction, there is a lot of factual research that went into the development of the book. I also love books that challenge my vocabulary! This book is definitely intellectually stimulating and has a great romance involved! I would highly recommend Frosted Blood! I’m looking forward to more from Larry Pellitteri!!!




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