The Forgotten Templars Vol.1 The Manuscript


The Forgotten Templars Vol.1 The Manuscript

The Forgotten Templars

The Forgotten Templars M.Caldwell Hunter

1307 the Templars are destroyed by the French King. By 1314 no trace of the Templars is seen in Europe.
Also there was no trace of their treasure or their fleet.
Where did they go. What happened to the man entrusted with the safekeeping of the artifacts.
The Manuscript of Roger De Courcy is the most sought after artifact from the 14th century.
Hunted for by the Vatican, The Invisible Templars and the little known but highly powerful 37th Degree Masonic group.
Only now when Drew De Bleek and his friends find clues that lead to the Manuscript and the locations where the Templar fleet hid the treasure.
The hunt is on. Who will triumph? Who will live?

the author

I am a retired Paramedic from Scotland. And I have a Degree in Health Studies, this helped me to get back into writing.
This book has been in my mind for a number of years and was written in Barga Italy over a period of several months during visits.
The village features in the book as do a number of locations in The Middle East, Europe, The Americas and Africa.
As I like my characters are flawed and this becomes more evident in the follow up, still in the making, to be called The Shield and the Lost Ship


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