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Forced Entry

Forced Entry

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What is legal in Colorado will get you killed in Mississippi.

4 cannabis grow houses. 30 months. 8 million dollars.

A refugee from a corporate plantation was in his 19th month and sailing safely toward the finish line.

The kid was looking for a dry place to stay, away from the cops, away from the shit on the streets.

Jackson, Mississippi is a toxic place. Been that way for a long time.

About the Author

komrade komuraListen, there are basically two kinds of mudda******* in this world. There are those who are driven by compulsion and blinding insanity to control every single thing and every one. From the halls of power to the dinner table of your house these tyrants won’t stop. They can’t stop, even if they wanted to.

Then there is the rest of us.Now when one of us regular folks has a misfortune or dies, my heart goes out to them and their families.

But those crazy sumbitches?
When they go, it’s hard not to ****ing smile.

komura 420 was born against medical advice in Mississippi. He moved to the other side of the world as a child before he got infected.

He was extruded from university with a master’s degree but spent time as a corporate slave.

komura 420 writes cannabis related stories from the other side of the badge.

He also writes science fiction with his first novel ‘The Last Believer’ coming soon



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The author’s bio is what initially intrigued me enough to purchase this book. I just knew it would be entertaining and break all the rules, in a good way, and I love reading books like that. Not the kind where spelling and paragraphs are thrown to the wayside, but where you just feel like you are a close friend of the main character and they let you into that locked away part of their brain that very few people get to see… Does that make sense? Probably not, but that is how I feel!

Forced Entry didn’t let me down. It was a small glimpse into the deep and dirty south. Coming from a state that has recently legalized “ganja” I can definitely understand the *criminal* side of things and how it really shouldn’t be a crime in the first place!

A quick and entertaining fast paced read. Don’t pass this one up!


By Jackie on November 5, 2014

Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

The last few short stories I have read have been very disappointing. Almost like a chapter from a book with no real beginning or ending. I have been asking myself why I waste time with these. This one caught my attention and the price was right. This was a very good story with real character development and a real, satisfying ending! Some things in the book were disturbing but it kept my interest and when I was done I wasn’t left asking now what? Good short story!


Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

Dumbest book I’ve ever read. I didn’t know it was about a ganga grower and never would have got it. Crude language was tiresome and the narrative between the grower and the girl (via internet, cameras, audio) who boke in one of his grow houses was stupid. A waste of my time.


Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

I didn’t know what to expect from this one, but took a chance. It paid off. The story is compelling, with enough technical details to indicate either excellent research or personal experience, but not so much that it bogs down. It reads as quite a believable tale, and just when you think you know what will be next it shifts. Well worth the time to check it out.


Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

Forced Entry by Komrade Komura is an action-packed read with a lot of the the argot of the modern street and drug world of cops and robbers. The language is high energy and authentic in this rapid fire story told as a narrative and a dialogue –
which causes character bonding with the storyteller himself. The story involves a pot farmer who witnesses police committing a brutal murder. Justice does not come easy. Highly recommended.


Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

Excellent fast-paced story I read in one sitting. Nicely vivid characters, especially the gritty young interloper and the crooked cops. The main character seemed almost believable as the benevolent rich bad guy. If Komrade’s other offerings are as well written as this I’ll be back again and again.


Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

Deepest black noir with the essentials of corrupt cops, morally ambiguous protagonists and foul coincidence. It is also extremely modern noir with a corporate escapee ganja grower. There’s some humor to leaven the readers mood before the darkness slams down. All and all this is a fast paced continuation of the tradition. Forced Entry is a very quick read that will leave you wanting more.



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