In His Footsteps by Margaret Agard

In His Footsteps

In His Footsteps

In His Footsteps

Down to earth spirituality
“Her writing is so fun.  I go from crying to laughing, to pretty much every emotion, within seconds”
From the introduction:   One day I just picked up my pen–or in this case my keyboard–and started writing my daily life, the way you might share it with a friend or neighbor. Except from a deeper place–the place where I talk with God.

I wrote about what it’s like to struggle–to struggle with the daily challenges of work, raising teenagers, stressing over money, and feeling prompted to reach out and help others– but being so overloaded with things to do already that I couldn’t see how to do even one more thing.

One day I gave up and just gave my to-do list to God saying,” I can’t do it all.  What, out of all these things on this five page long to-do list, should I do today?”  And he answered me!
My days were both simpler and more fulfilling. I was filled with energy. I was never
discouraged or stressed. At the end of each day, I felt deep satisfaction and pleasure. I had true purpose to my actions, even the simplest ones. I knew–because people told me so– that my simple actions, such as bringing a dinner, making a telephone call, or apologizing, were making a difference.

But then it became a struggle.  I kept wanting to take my life back! Isn’t that strange? God asked me to do a particular thing (help, forgive, move, trust more, or give up an activity). I didn’t want to. I argued, ignored Him, found other things to do, or tried a different way. Finally I did it. My problems were handled, often miraculously. God asked me to do something else. I didn’t want to. Repeat, repeat, repeat.

Until at last I got it. It was not about waiting until I had my life in order to have time, money, and energy to listen to God and do what He wanted. It was about listening to God, doing as He asked, and then He got, and kept, my life in order.
Also it turns out God has a sense of humor.  And irony.
“The book amazed me… The honesty of [her] voice, the humorous tone at times, the struggle [she] portrayed.  It has a conversational tone that adds to the enjoyment of reading the unfolding of faith.” –
Written in an engaging and personal style that brings a wry wit to a life led by God.

About the Author

Margaret AgardMargaret has lived in many parts of the world, from Alaska to Guatemala but is currently living in wild, wonderful West Virginia. Writing is her way of sharing the joy and fun of giving her life to God by giving her to-do list to God.

She loves reading, cooking not so much (although she appreciates friends who do like to cook), and writes from a small office on top of the root cellar filled with her husband Parker’s home grown fruits and vegetables.  She enjoys hearing from her fans by email or Facebook.Twitter Name:

Twitter Name: @inhisfootsteps
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