Fire and Ice (Faerie Song Trilogy Book 1) by Michele Barrow-Belisle

Fire and Ice (Faerie Song Trilogy Book 1)

Fire and Ice

Fire and Ice

High school senior Lorelei Alundra, can see and heal people’s pain and can sing with the voice of an angel. She’s spent most of her life hiding from her gifts because they’re controlled by the dark faerie who gave them to her. Content with the semi-normal life she’s carved out for herself, Lorelei is unnerved by her inexplicable attraction to Adrius, the new guy in her art class. Dark, brooding and mysterious, Adrius is as terrifying as he is captivating.

Her semi-normal life takes a turn for the bizarre when her mother falls critically ill and to save her, Lorelei follows Adrius… into another realm. A world where Elves are way hotter than Legolas, and Faeries… are nothing life Tinkerbell. Lose the dragonfly wings and add a tattoo. The two mythical beings are fire and ice opposites. One she can’t stay away from and the other she’s compelled to be with.

Trapped in their world, Lorelei is now forced to fulfill a destiny she wants no part of, or risk her mother life. One mistake could put the fate of their world, and her soul in jeopardy. And as reality becomes more terrifying than fiction, Lorelei discovers three truths; fairytales are more real than reality, destiny sometimes makes mistakes… and falling for your prince charming, could get you killed.

About the Author

Michele Barrow-BelisleA dreamer at heart, Michele Barrow-Belisle has always lived with one foot in this reality and one foot in another, one of her own imagining. So it follows that she would grow up to write about the characters from those enchanting worlds she knows and loves so well. A fan of all things romantic, her young adult novels are populated with scintillating witches, vampires and fey.  Her bestselling debut book series Fire and Ice (Faerie Song Trilogy) was optioned for a major motion picture this year. Michele resides in southern Canada with her hubby and son who indulge her never-ending obsession with reading, writing and most importantly… chocolate

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Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

Lorelei Alundra’s ordinary existence will be once and for all transformed. She wasn’t much for exploration, that is, until she encountered Adrius, a mysterious mystique, whose eyes peered into the depths of her being. He takes her to a chilling and exciting realm, where there are Elves, however not your typical Elves, but dazzling and attractive ones, and Faeries as well―though not anything like the stereotypes in children’s stories. Lorelei is drawn to the mysterious mystique regardless of knowing better. Reality is scrambled for Lorelei; she’s the one required to avert a battle among witches and faeries―her mother’s life is dependent on it. Unwinding are mysteries and disturbing facts as Lorelei battles to save her mother. Even a single error could jeopardize the destiny of the realm as well as endanger her sole. This is the second book I’ve read by Michele Barrow-Belisle. She has such a interesting and rich mind’s eye that she delves deep into to come up with these imaginary stories. She has a way of entwining different situations and characters and weaving them together to make her magical stories. Definitely an enchanting read!


Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

Fire & Ice merges the dramatic & magical world of fantasy with the real-life situations young adults of today’s generation face in peer & family relations. This book draws the reader in from the start with the story line of a young high school girl who thinks differently than the crowd & has an unusual family secret! The reader will soon find out WHY she thinks differently and how her world expands into one that takes you on a journey of love, redemption and twisting adventures. It reminded me a bit of the Twilight Series as well as parts of the Books of Narnia.
Magical, Wildly Creative, Youthful and Fun!






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