Fifty, Female & Fabulous by Barbara Villemez

Fifty Female and Fabulous

Fifty Female and Fabulous

Fifty, Female & Fabulous

: A holistic Guide to Love, Sex & Relationships was created to help the fifty and older woman learn to honor and love the Divine Feminine within. Every Woman has the right to be loved and respected for who she is no matter her age. Tools and techniques are given to help with this realization. Loving oneself is the first step to loving others unconditionally. That spark of the creator within us is the female face of God, the Divine Feminine. Once we reach within and recognize that spark the world opens up to our potential. We look at how the paternalistic system throughout the world has kept women down and how that is changing in western civilization. But sad to say that in other parts of the world women have no say in how they live their lives. As we learn to love ourselves women everywhere are empowered. And an empowered woman is an awesome sight.

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About the author:

Barbara Griffin Villemez

spent twenty-five years as a psychotherapist working with women. She also taught at several universities. She is involved with a spiritual group, Sisters of the Light as well as accredited as a Feng Shui practitioner and teacher. She lives in New Mexico with her husband, Clare Villemez a retired research scientist and professor and their four cats.



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