Fatty Betty author Nirit Littaney

Fatty Betty author  Nirit Littaney

Fatty Betty

Fatty Betty author Nirit Littaney

For some children, school or the playground are anything but inviting and fun.  Such is the case for Fatty Betty, a young girl with a hearty appetite for mouthwatering sweets.  Excluded from recess games and called Fatty Betty, she cowers in the bathroom or sits alone while everyone else plays and builds friendships.

Suddenly, all of that changes for Betty, when a boy gets hurt playing ball and she races for help, knowing just what to do.  Her keen instinct and caring heart shine through for all to see, and she earns the respect and friendship of her classmates.  True character is built on inner beauty and Betty’s story teaches some valuable lessons about acceptance and tolerance.

Fatty Betty is a heartwarming bedtime story that instructs and entertains.  It’s beautifully illustrated, ideal for small children ages 3-8, and perfect for early readers.  Purchase a copy today and see the value in not judging others by their appearance.

About the Author

Nirit Littaney


Nirit Littaney is a fresh, imaginative author who weaves vivid images and important life lessons into endearing stories for children. After being confined to her bed for years by an incurable illness, Nirit experienced the same triumph of spirit that many of her characters undergo in their journeys through lands near and far.

Nirit’s commitment to personal and physical healing, along with her story-like travels around the world, have inspired her to pen inventive tales for families in search of humorous, insightful bedtime stories. She writes for children in hopes of making them giggle while they also learn a lesson or two.

Today, Nirit lives in Israel with her angel of a husband, who champions each of her new books as if he were the wide-eyed child she wrote them for. When Nirit isn’t dreaming up new characters, she works as a nutritionist, medical coach, and spiritual leader. She is eager to inspire and help others with the lessons her own challenges have taught her–and what better way is there than through books?

To inspire your children while filling their minds with creativity, check out Nirit’s latest books, “Candy’s Chocolate Kingdom“, “Zigi the alien and the stinky socks“, “Zoe’s trip to the Zoo“,  “Bart! Stop the Farts!”, “Fairy’s Fairy tale Kingdom“, “Bad Boy Bradley” and “Dave the Brave Sawfish“and “Fatty Betty author Nirit Littaney

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Format: Kindle Edition

Do you ever make fun of people? Or do people ever make fun of you? How does that feel?

The author, Nirit Littaney, has written a lovely,helpful story about Betty, a cute little girl. Betty was fat from eating so much, and the other children made fun of her. Betty would go into the bathroom and cry because her feelings were so hurt. Betty did not have any friends, and she was very sad. Her mother tried to help Betty by pointing out how beautiful she is on the inside. But, Betty was alone and felt very sad. One day something happened that changed Betty’s life. When you read this book, you will understand what occurs.

Parents/teachers will enjoy reading this book about Fatty Betty. The children will be able to discuss how they treat people who are different, and how they can make people feel with their actions. The illustrations by Anahit Alexsanyan, are bright, beautiful and vivid. They depict Betty and her adventures. This is a book with lessons learned. Learning how to accept people who are different is an important aspect for children to learn. The author, Nurit Littaney, has lessons learned in her stories, and this is one of the most important methods for children to learn how to treat others.

Recommended. prisrob 07-14-15


Format: Kindle Edition

Today’s world is very judgmental. I have tried to teach my children to look beyond what a person looks like on the outside to the type of person they are on the inside. It’s a lesson that is sometimes easier to talk about than to put into practice.

In the story of “Fatty Betty” by Nirit Littaney Betty is an overweight little girl who is teased at school. When one of her classmates is hurt on the playground, will Betty rush to his aide or turn her back on him and walk away?

I loved the concept behind the story. The story didn’t focus on Betty trying to lose weight to fit in with the crowd. In today’s society so much focus is placed on being “perfect on the outside” that sometimes we need to be reminded we have to work on being a nice person and loving ourselves for who we are…not who we think the world wants us to be.

I needed to keep an open mind as I read the story. The book starts out by calling Betty a cute fat girl. At first I was offended by this description but then I realized that this book is geared toward younger children and this is wording that they can understand. I tried to think of another way the author could have described Betty and I didn’t come up with anything better.

In the story Betty likes to eat sweets. I like how the author shows how unhealthy food can add to weight gain. Like most kids, my kids would love to have sweets and candy all the time. This story gave me the opportunity to show them the results of eating too much junk food. We talked about the consequences of eating too much junk food and why it should be saved for a treat and not an everyday thing.

The second part of the story that raised some concern for me was when Betty left the school grounds without letting an adult know.Read more ›


Format: Kindle Edition
Fatty Betty author Nirit Littaney

Israeli author Nirit Littaney is a nutritionist, medical coach, and spiritual leader. After being confined to her bed for years by an incurable illness, Nirit experienced the same triumph of spirit that many of her characters undergo in their journeys through lands near and far. She has successfully joined the ranks of children’s books writers – but her stories, while humorous, encourage children to stretch their imagination while learning some valuable lessons. She has elected to have Anahit Aleksanyan provide the illustrations for this her seventh children’s book to appear on Kindle.

Betty is a cute fat girl who loves to eat sweets. Her classmates make fun of her for being fat, nicknaming her Fatty Betty, teasing her by calling her chunky and porky. Betty is sensitive to these insults and locks herself in the restroom to cry. She tries being nice to these mean kids but she doesn’t get kindness in return. Betty sits on the bench alone during playtime, but one day she sees a boy named Brad injured and n response Betty runs off the schoolyard until she reaches her father’s office – her father is a doctor. Betty takes her father to the location where Brad is injured and her father cleans the wound, examines Brad carefully, and reassures him he will be fine. Brad’s attitude towards Betty changes and he is indebted to her for her kindness. And form that day forward all of Fatty Betty’s classmates appreciate her inner beauty and make her a member of the group.

It is a fine little story about accepting people as unique and appreciating them for who they are, that no one should be judged by his or her appearance alone. Well done, Nirit, but what about the current problem with obesity in children? Maybe another book is coming down the line to address that. Grady Harp, July 15


Format: Kindle Edition

I love a story, especially a children’s book, which guides and leaves a lesson or a moral in the closing lines. That is what I appreciated about Fatty Betty. We’ve all known this little girl or boy from our youth; or perhaps it was you or one of your children, but there is nothing more troublesome than being ridiculed or abused for your size, color, or appearance. Our youngest son endured this same sad treatment because he was small and thin. He learned to hate school because of the way he was treated. If this book can save one child the heartache of being teased or bullied, then we all should support it.

The illustrations are fun, colorful and bright, and will capture a child’s attention. I look forward to sharing it with my grandchildren at their next visit. I wish the author well with this book, it is a tool parents should use when teaching their children the principles of tolerance and acceptance – something we all can use.

I would recommend this book to parents of small children – it makes for some interesting discussions at bedtime.

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