Fairy’s Fairy Tale Kingdom by Nirit Littaney

Fairy's Fairy Tale Kingdom by Nirit Littaney

Fairy’s Fairy Tale Kingdom

Fairy’s Fairy Tale Kingdom by Nirit Littaney

Make-believe and dress-up are so much fun, especially for Fairy, a young girl with plenty of imagination.  Halloween is her favorite time of the year and her preferred costume is, of course, a fairy.  She’s always wanted to be a part of a legendary fairy tale, and with the shutting of her eyes; Fairy nods off to sleep to dream the most wonderful of adventures.

She’s soon dressed all in red and skipping through a forest, but where is the Big Bad Wolf?  Before long, she’s seated in the Bear’s home eating Baby Bear’s porridge and feeling oh so tired.  A series of magical doors transport the little girl from one amazing fairy tale to the next, experiencing too many to count in a single night.

It’s a dream that fond memories are made of…and you’ll be surprised at what she finds in her bed upon her return from the land of glass slippers, dwarfs, and an angry queen.  Fairy’s Fairy Tale Kingdom is ideal for small children and those just learning to read.  The illustrations are bright and will capture your child’s imagination, as well as their hearts.

About the author

Nirit Littaney

After suffering physically and emotionally from an incurable illness, Nirit Littaney channeled her strength and triumph of spirit to an outlet that would bring joy to others. Her journey to writing imaginative books for children was not aasn ey one, but the struggles she has overcome along the way have enabled her to create memorable and humorous characters.

Her characters swim the depths of the ocean, traverse through midnight dreams, and walk the same streets as the real children who read about them before snuggling into bed. Nirit weaves subtle life lessons into her tales of strength and courage, and brings each world to life with vivid illustrations.

Nirit’s passion for personal and physical growth have inspired her to focus on sharing the light with others—and what better way to do so than through books? She writes almost exclusively for kids in hopes of making them giggle while they learn an important lesson or two.

Today, Nirit lives in Israel with her angelic husband, who championed her on the road to a healthy, whole life. When she isn’t pursuing her literary ambitions, Nirit serves as a life coach, nutritionist, and spiritual leader.
To inspire your children while filling their minds with creativity, check out Nirit’s latest books : “Candy’s Chocolate Kingdom“, “Zigi the alien and the stinky socks“, “Zoe’s trip to the Zoo“, “Fatty Betty” and “Bart! Stop the Farts!”

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Format: Kindle Edition

Do you know what a fairy tale is? Many of the stories that were read to you are fairy tales.

In this book, the author, Nirit Littaney, has written a charming story that entails many fairy tales and is a great deal of fun. Fairy is a young girl who loves to dress up, and at times she imagines herself as a Princess. At Halloween she has so much fun dressing up. On this day she has tried on many costumes, and is tired. She goes to sleep, and all of a sudden sudden, Fairy is in Fairy dreamland. She walks through one magic dour after another and becomes part of every fairy tale she has read. This can be a great deal of fun, but it is also a little frightening. It is a good thing Fairy knows her fairy tales, so she can get out of some of the stories. When you read this story you will have a great deal of fun with each of the fairy tales.

Parents/teachers will enjoy reading this book to their children. The children will know most of the fairy tales and can pretend they are part of the story. Much of what we read is enhanced with our own imagination. The illustrations by Abira Das, are colorful and vivid, depicting Fairy and each fairy tale she enters. Children will really enjoy the fact that Fairy can get out of most situations. Note: a complimentary copy of this book was provided to read and review.

Recommended. prisrob 06-27-15

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Format: Kindle Edition

‘Or in other words….’
Israeli author Nirit Littaney is a nutritionist, medical coach, and spiritual leader. After being confined to her bed for years by an incurable illness, Nirit experienced the same triumph of spirit that many of her characters undergo in their journeys through lands near and far. She has successfully joined the ranks of children’s books writers – but her stories, while humorous, encourage children to stretch their imagination while learning some valuable lessons. She has wisely elected to have the very talented Abira Das provide the illustrations for this her newest of six children’s book to appear on Kindle.Taking a different approach to fairy tales Nirit makes the narrator of this engaging collection a fairy! So the result is fair tales straight from the source. As Nirit summarizes her story, ‘Everyone knows the beloved children’s fairy tales, and Fairy is no exception. This imaginative little girl loves the fantasy world so much that she never tires of the stories. Follow Fairy as she transports into a magical kingdom that allows her to visit her favorite tales a little more closely than she would sometimes like.’ And few could state it better. Different views of fairytale icons – a change that children find challenging and a point of discussion as well as warmth in re-studying their favorite characters.The characters and the situation are delightful and this is a story that is bound to make children chuckle. Nirit knows her craft and continues to create terrific books for children. This is her finest book to date! Grady Harp, June 15


Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

It was my niece’s birthday, and I was putting together a little hamper of gifts for her. I included this book in the hamper as I honestly felt as if it was written just for her. She is a master of fairy tales, princesses, and the world of every fairy tale. In fact, she even has drawings of what she thinks the worlds from various fairy tales look like!

She absolutely loved this book! And, I have to admit that I loved reading it to her a lot, too. It’s the perfect blend of all the fairy tales every child loves. It takes a littler girl, Fairy (to who I think any little girl can relate), on a magical journey of the various worlds in our favorite fairy tales. It enhances the child’s imagination and creativity. It is also a very inspiring story that is sure to brighten up any little girl’s day.

I would recommend this book to anybody that’s around any little girls at all. I would also like to recommend this book to those of you teenage girls or grown women out there, that are looking to find the child in themselves again!


By C Bee on June 28, 2015

Format: Kindle Edition

I really enjoyed reading this book. Gorgeous illustrations too. Fairy is a cute, sweet girl who loves to dress up in costumes and pretend. She gets a huge surprise when in one of her dreams, she is taken through several children’s fairly tales where she is the heroine.

This is a beautifully written tale that encompasses several fairy tales. I think this book would be fun for any child but especially those who already knows the stories of Little Red Riding Hood, Snow White, Goldilocks, etc. They can imagine themselves visiting the Fairytale Kingdom and popping into the story and the costumes just like Fairy does.

Great themes in this story of having fun and pretending but also being yourself in the end.


Format: Kindle Edition

As a child I remember placing myself into the wonderful stories my mother and teachers would tell me. I, like the little girl in this book, found pleasure in fairy tales, and strange lands of limitless adventure. So, you can well imagine that I enjoyed this children’s book and have found joy in the faces of my grandchildren, as I’ve read it to them. Fairy could be almost any child filled with the wonder of the classic fairy tales. I enjoyed how the author weaved them together and placed Fairy in the mix.

The illustrations are really fun and colorful and the tale itself was timeless. I would recommend this for parents of young children and anyone who loves Goldie Locks, Snow White, and all the rest.



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