The Duchess’ Diary by Amelie Rose


The Duchess Diary

The Duchess Diary


The Duchess’ Diary

When she moved into the ancient rambling homestead on  the Gowerhey Stud farm, Melissa Holt thought she’d finally found heaven. After a year of misery the escape to green fields and peaceful seclusion seemed like a dream come true. And everyone was so nice.

Just one thing was making her nervous. She hadn’t yet met her new employer.

She had been hired in his absence by the farm’s accountant who seemed just as much of a family friend.

“I’ve been around for a very long time,” he told her during the interview. “I handled the accounts for Max’s father for many years before he passed away. Wonderful man,” he said, his ready smile fading for a moment, “a true and dear friend.”

A few days later she received a call from Ernest’s PA . When she hung up the phone she could hardly believe her luck . She knew the job was perfect  for her and that she would do it justice. Now, all she needed was for her new employer to agree with his accountant’s judgment.

But until she met him , she knew she would continue to worry.

In her first few weeks she had tried to find out a little about him, something to prepare her for the person she would be working for.

But, beyond a grinning, `Oh, well you’ve got a surprise in store for you then, haven’t you,’ that did nothing for her confidence, she was none the wiser and certainly no less nervous.

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75 page novella

Five star A truly compelling read June 24, 2013
By Meera
Format:Kindle Edition
A very compelling book with enough suspense to keep you turning the pages, this is truly romance at its best!
By Chris
Format:Kindle Edition
I’m surprised not to see reviews on this book, I found it a most enjoyable read, it held me spellbound, I simply could not put it down, the story had mystery and suspense all rolled into the kind of romance I love.

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