Dreams in Transit by Irene P. Smith

Dreams in Transit a novel by Irene P.Smith

Dreams in Transit

Dreams in Transit

Why Dreams in Transit? I spend over four hours, five days a week, riding on the train from work to home and back again. Many of the stories in this collection were written during that commute. Those that weren’t written on the train were edited there as I put this collection together. I wrote stories in notebooks, on my laptop, my Kindle, and even on my phone.

The short stories in this collection fall into many genres including: Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror, Romance, and Mainstream.  Within the covers of this book, you will find magic, high technology, and things that go bump in the night. You’ll meet aliens, vampires, and even a pink flamingo. What you won’t find are long stories. Why? Because we all have lots to do every day and often reading has to take a back seat to work, home, and family obligations. These stories are short; no story is longer than 2,000 words. I’ve been told that the stories are fun to read and convenient for when you have a moment or two to spare. You can read one while you are waiting for the bus or while you are waiting for the microwave. Some of these stories have been published but a few were written specifically for this collection. If you enjoy my stories even half as much as I enjoyed writing them, you’ll be in for some fun.

A few of the stories in this book have been published online and in print, and many of them were written for the weekly contest at Bridget’s Flame, a Live Journal community for writers.

The photo on the cover of this book was taken on a New Jersey Transit train on my way home from work. The dreams are, of course, mine.

About the Author

Irene SmithIrene Smith has been a programmer who writes and a writer who programs for most of her adult life. She has written many articles about computer programming, book and software reviews, and API documentation for both Microsoft Corporation and Google, Inc. Irene lives in New York State, a short commute from New York City, with her husband and son.

Irene has been writing for publication since 1989, when CodeWorks Magazine published her article on BASIC programming. Her first publication was followed by articles in PC Techniques Magazine, for which she was a Contributing Editor, and PC Hands On. She was also Technical Editor on Jeff Duntemann’s book, Assembly Language from Square One, and Peter Aitken’s book, The BASIC 7 Programmer’s Reference.

When Irene is not writing short stories or working on a novel, she spends her time creating software. She has written applications for Windows, OS X, Linux, and even DOS. She has a Bachelor’s in IT with a concentration in Software Development. In the mid-90’s, Irene published several collections of games for Windows: Dice Games, Casino Nights, and Solitaire.

In addition to all of these interests, Irene is also an amateur photographer. She loves doing photo editing and is the creator of both the old and new covers for Dreams in Transit.

Irene is currently working on More Dreams in Transit, a collection of essays, and a Science Fiction novel set on a world that orbits a brown dwarf star in a start system that is far across the galaxy.

Twitter Name: @Story_Teller
Facebook Name: Irene P. Smith


Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

Stories are fun and Intriguing. Some of then are over too soon and make you wish that the author would turn them into a full length book.


Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

If you love reading and find you don’t have much time this book is great. Some of the stories are just the right length that you could read them while standing in the checkout line.There are stories from so many genres that turning the page is like finding out what prize is in the bottom of the cereal box. There is also a good mix of emotional tone: happy, funny, bittersweet, etc.
I don’t usually choose short stories, but I may become a fan of them after reading these.


Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

Some stories may make you cry…some take you to a fantasy world….some even make you shiver. I definitely enjoyed the ride!


By Ana on February 28, 2013

Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

This delightful read is full of fresh ideas, just the thing for a commuter or a lunchbreak at work. This fresh collection of short, entertaining stories is well-written, witty and fun. I will definitely look for more of the author’s stories.

The cover art doesn’t really show how fantastic and imaginative the stories are. Highly, highly recommended!



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