Dream Hunter by Maya Tyler

dream Hunter by Maya tyler

Dream Hunter

Dream Hunter

Cynthia Courtland is career driven. She wants nothing more than a promotion at work. When some trouble at the office derails her focus, she is determined to get to the bottom of things. Gabe’s life is work too, but his job is Cynthia’s guardian angel, and his focus is on keeping her out of trouble – any way he can.

About the author

Maya Tyler is a wife, mother of two young boys, writer, and blogger. She has a degree in commerce, but her first love is creative writing. She works in finance by day and writes paranormal romance by night. All her stories end with a happily ever after. She lives in Port Hope, Ontario, Canada, a small town just an hour east of Toronto on the shores of Lake Ontario. Her debut book is Dream Hunter. You can find her online Twitter @mayatylerauthor; Facebook https://www.facebook.com/maya.tyler.792; Goodreads https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/6478044.Maya_Tyler, her blog http://mayatylerauthor.blogspot.ca/ and her own website www.mayatylerauthor.com


Format:Kindle Edition

Do you ever have dreams tht were so vivid, so exciting you thought they were real. Is it difficult sometimes to distinguish between dreams and reality. Well, this is what Cynthia has been experiencing. Sometimes she dreams even when she is awake and it’s difficult to tell what is real and what isn’t. When she is put in jeopardy by a threat at work, Gabe, the man who is her protector from her dreams comes to her rescue. But all isn’t as it seems.I likes the premise of this paranormal story as the author blurred the lines between dreams and reality and I found myself wondering what was real and what wasn’t. The story will make you think as you attempt to unravel the mystery surrounding Gabe and the goings on in Cynthia’s office.

This is an easy quick read and should appeal to fans of romantic suspense as well as paranormal romance. A good first outing for a debut author.

Format:Kindle Edition
Dream Hunter by Maya Tyler was a complete and utter page turner! Cynthia Courtland shows up to work after another steamy dream to only accidentally find trouble at work! For fear that her life may be in danger, she leaves work for a short period of time. But as time passes dreams become mixed with reality when a sexy stubborn guardian named Gabe, appears to assist and protect her, she tries to stay out of harms way. But his steamy sexual appeal may make it too hard to resist…
I’d recommend anyone to read this book to feed their appetite for suspense, strong plot background, and hot male guardians. I’d say dig in!
5.0 out of 5 stars Intriguing novel February 17, 2015
By monica
Format:Kindle Edition

I have received a free copy of Dream Hunter and have found it intriguing. I loved the storyline and the Cynthia is a fun character. I liked her personality and wit. She fell in love with her guardian angel-Gabriel and they teamed up to help Cynthia solve the mystery about her boss threat made at his office. This becomes a detective work for both protagonists and is full of excitement,laughter and uncertainty.In my opinion this novel is captivating and will definitely keep you reading it until the end of it.

3.0 out of 5 stars A promising start February 21, 2015
Format:Kindle Edition
Dream hunter features Cynthia, a woman working for a firm in Chicago. She has been having weird dreams about a man, after a threat to the company she works for she runs into her dream man who is actually a guardian angel.
This book definitely has potential but it felt like something was missing. The characters lacked substance and I felt that Cynthia trusted Gabe far to quickly. I feel it could be improved if it was taken slower and perhaps the danger was increased. A promising start.


4.0 out of 5 stars Is your hero tall dark and handsome too? February 8, 2015
Format:Kindle Edition
Imagine the man of your dreams manifesting himself in real life to literally whisk you off your feet! Cynthia’s hero has been watching over her for years, but when things turn sinister at work it’s time form Gabe to step out of the shadows to try and save this feisty damsel in distress. Well written, steamy romp, totally enjoyable read.


Format:Kindle Edition

This week I read Dream Hunter by Maya Tyler upon request. Maya is a new author for me, so I did not go into this book expecting any certain style format. I also purposely did not read the synopsis so I would go into the story “blind”.Dream Hunter is a fast action, jump right into it book. The writing is clean (grammar, errors) and vividly descriptive. A couple times in the story I thought I was confused, only to find out that the author had weaved the story in a direction I did not expect. Well done, because I love twists and turns and surprises, but am rarely treated to the experience as most authors follow the same story format.

The guardian concept and how the author went with this story is a new path, so that was also fun and exciting (ie: it wasn’t another OOTB paranormal).

I did read most of the other reviews. I am glad that most other readers also find this book well done. I think that some people that were critical forget that this is a novella, so much of the back story and “underbelly” are not there to fully flesh this book out. I think that the author’s writing is well developed and if she chose to make this into full blown novel, she would have a book that I would definitely read more than once. Would I like to read a full 200-300pgs? Absolutely!

For anyone reading reviews that are not sure about this book, I would encourage you to go ahead and read this book and form your own opinion. I use these novellas as a way to decide if I like a new author’s style and concepts. I definitely like Maya Tyler’s book and look forward to her next work…

Jennifer Kost, Freelance Proofreader / Copy Editor and Book Reviews

P.S. Totally unrelated to the book review, I wanted to note that I don’t love the cover.

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