Donald Trump v Hillary Clinton

Donald v Hillary from a foreign perspective

Donald v Hillary

from a foreign perspective

Seen from afar my thoughts on the advantages and disadvantages of the contestants for the President of the United States of America.

For and against Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.
Mrs Clinton has a strong political record; Mr Trump has no political record.

As the election draws near, we foreigners who realize the influence the USA has on the world are concerned about the outcome of this election, more so perhaps than any presidential election in recent history.

We assume (although we should never do this) that Mrs Clinton will continue much of the work that President Obama has put in place over these last seven years. But will she? Can in fact Mrs Clinton hold to promises made during this campaign for the Democrat nomination?
General consensus from this part of the world is that the American people have a an extremely difficult decision to make this time around. Can they trust Mrs Clinton = her record is not squeaky clean, she has made mistakes but don’t we all. Can they trust Mr Trump? His mistakes are a future unknown but, judging by his campaign tactics, the very nature of the man makes for a bit of discomfort, his decisions seem to emerge from knee jerk reactions.
Mrs Clinton
Perhaps a major mistake that may come back to haunt ,and possibly jeopardize her rising star, was her handling of the US embassy incident in Benghazi Libya with the loss of US Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens and three other Americans in Sept 2012. Besides the pain and tragedy of it, it had to be the most humiliating of failures.

What I see as Mrs Clinton’s main advantages over Mr Trump are – her political knowledge, not only of affairs of state but also her personal experience of foreign policy and the power-makers in those countries. And, of course, her previous term as a Presidential wife. That she is also a clever lawyer is undisputed.

Supporters of Israel may feel concerned that Mrs Clinton will continue to pressure Israel to give up land as a peace offering to the Palestinians, which from this person’s perspective, would only create more problems. Israel made that mistake once when they gave up part of the Gaza as a peace offering. I doubt they will do that again.

America has enough problems of its own without interfering in another country’s business.

Mr Trump
And that brings us back to Mr Trump, who has pledged to revive the USA and provide jobs for millions. Already he is talking about breaking the climate accord with the rest of the world and bringing coal back into production, truly a major set-back for climate control supporters. Maybe he will force the chicken farmers to process chickens in the States instead of China along with other manufacturers using China’s cheap labor, resulting in loss of jobs for Americans.
Mr Trump promises much but can he do what he says he will? America’s people have expressed concern over his cavalier attitude towards many national and international policies. He is a maverick, a wild card, and he will keep America on its toes. Good or bad?
It’s a hard decision for the American people. We hope they get it right.
Donald v Hillary from a foreign perspective



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