Destiny Changes Dreams by Evi Mate

Destiny Changes Dreams a novel by  Evi Mate

Destiny Changes Dreams

Destiny Changes Dreams

When the perfection in her life is suddenly shattered Linn, a high heeled London attorney escapes to a remote Greek island where she meets Jonathan, who moved to the island with Benjie, his only family . Although both Linn and Jonathan seem to have feelings for each other a dark secret from his past cuts their romance short. But once his secret is revealed and the mirage of life he built  is destroyed, it seems that Linn is the only person who can save what matters to him the most. But is she really the woman he met on the island or was that also nothing more than a mirage ? The sudden turn of Jonathan and truth she discovers forces  Linn to realize life isn’t black and white as she thought and not everything can be planned ahead or be perfect because you never truly know anyone, not even yourself .

About the author

Hello and thank you for this opportunity!  My name is Evi , I m 26 , full time medical student from Hungary. This is my first attempt to publish a book in English – which is my 2nd language as you may have guessed already so I apologize for the possible mistakes . I love to read and to travel and now I thought that 3rd time is the charm – I will try to put a piece of myself out there and publish something I have written after a certain friend of mine who this book is dedicated to suggested. Besides my studies I m working with a foundation for children battling cancer in Hungary – if I will manage to get any income from this book it will be going to them . I m not sure what I will do once I get my diploma , I’d love to keep writing but most likely it will be medical meaning work and less pleasure. For now I m looking for people who would be interested in reading my book and possibly over look the small mistakes and focus on the bigger picture. This book was written as an escape strategy as something I wish I dared to do but even publishing it is out of my comfort zone. I thank you again for this opportunity and for those of you who will choose to read it I hope you will enjoy it.

With love from Hungary



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