Desert Oasis by Asha Carmel

Desert Oasis romance novel by Asha Carmel

Desert Oasis

Desert Oasis

Desert Oasis is a romance set in London and Dubai.

PR girl Isabel Risa has sworn off relationships since her ex-fiance broke her heart, especially those with rich, handsome, arrogant men.  So when her car collides with a stranger answering to just that description, as Isabel drives to an important meeting one rainswept morning, it’s instant dislike.  But when she reaches her meeting she realises the guy she collided with is the CEO of the luxury travel company her PR firm is pitching for.

Luxury hotelier Henry Darling appears to have it all, money, good looks and success.  But inside he’s scarred by the secret of a traumatic childhood in Dubai.  He doesn’t do relationships and doesn’t let anyone get too close.  Henry and Isabel are forced to work together on a trip to Dubai promoting Henry’s company six star hotel openings, something neither is happy about.

With Isabel trying to avoid her attraction for Henry and Henry trying to avoid the possibility of a relationship and the scars of his past that haunt his every step, three long, hot weeks in Dubai could prove too much for either to handle.

About the author

Asha Carmel is a trainee psychologist by day, budding author by night.  She lives in the wilds of outer West London with her boyfriend, cat, dog and goldfish.  She has just come out of rehab for her gelato addiction.  Desert Oasis is her debut novel.




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