The Death Penalty Debate by Liam Wall

The Death Penalty Debate

The Death Penalty Debate

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Exploring The Hidden Costs of Capital Punishment

The Death Penalty is a Broken System

But 60% of Americans support The Death Penalty.


Because they are ill-informed about the true costs of The Death Penalty.
It is time for that to change.

Do you want to know what is really going on? What the government and prosecutors don’t want you to know?

The Death Penalty Debate will tell you everything you need to know about The Death Penalty without any BS. Just facts.

Become educated; learn the truth behind Capital Punishment because…

“When you use murder to end murder you guarantee murder will never end.”
– Richard Sherriky

And here is the introduction to the book:

For millennia, Capital Punishment has been exercised as a form of judicial discipline. Most countries have abolished this practice, but it is still prevalent in the United States of America, allegedly the most advanced democracy in the world.
The debate over the death penalty is one of contradicting studies, political agendas, and sometimes, plain ignorance. This issue is immensely complex and often impossible to understand.
In this book I have simplified the arguments of both sides down to three main points each.

Anti-Death Penalty:
1. Human Error
2. Morality
3. The Cost

Pro-Death Penalty:
1. Deterrence
2. Closure
3. Ultimate Justice

For too long, the death penalty has been in the shadows, and the government has, literally, been getting away with murder.

It’s time to learn the truth about the death penalty.

About the Author

Liam Wall


“Writing books I wish were already written.”

Liam was born in Ireland, but currently lives in California. When he is not writing he is normally performing magic for whoever will ‘pick a card.’



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